I remember as a child I felt so unloved. The loneliness was so unbearable. My parents worked long hours and then came home and spentContinue Reading

I was so desperate for love as a child. I felt so rejected and alone, so lost. That feeling continued into my teenage years whereContinue Reading

After the relationship ended with my first boyfriend at about age 15, my life seemed to start to really spiral out of control. I becameContinue Reading

The desperation I felt to be loved and accepted only drove me further into stupidity. I was so naive in the ways of the worldContinue Reading

When your life is a blur of pain and a hunger for death, not much else matters. When you find someone who can relate toContinue Reading

My senior year my life changed quit a bit. I did not have a boyfriend that year. I hadn’t given up on love, but IContinue Reading