Finally we were in our new home! It was a good feeling to own a home, and to have a sense of home. A placeContinue Reading

My long journey in a life of darkness was coming to a close that morning as I sat in this unfamiliar building. I didn’t evenContinue Reading

It was all so surreal, going to that Christian church every Sunday. Yet I was open to it, and so were most of my kids.Continue Reading

During those first few months of learning about Jesus, my husband and I also went through the Alpha Course. It was every Wednesday night atContinue Reading

It was just after Easter that I started to think about getting baptized. I had never been baptized before, not even as a baby. MyContinue Reading

After my baptism, I really started to notice how the Holy Spirit was moving in me. For one thing, I no longer had any urgeContinue Reading

As I drew closer to Jesus, I started to feel very convicted about the way I was living my life. I was really living toContinue Reading