Thank you so much for taking the time to come to my blog. I know you have been lead here because you have so many questions about your life, or the happenings of things around you. I know you have felt oppression and pain and want to learn more and receive help. The first step to finding help is learning to help yourself, by rooting yourself on the firm foundation of Christ. Christ alone has the answers and the freedom you seek. Yet some people struggle so desperately to even find Christ in the midst of their daily hell. In order to help more people I have complied a short list of frequently asked questions, so that you may begin to get direction for yourself. Through these resources you will find some guidance and strength in what God has planned for your life.

If you sense that someone you know is working witchcraft or is involved with the occult, there is little you can do to stop them. I know this is not the answer you want to hear, but the truth is God does not go against our free will. The best thing to do for this person is to continue to pray for them, and very gently and lovingly reveal the Truth to them, as God leads you. You should only attempt to communicate with this person in the way God wants you to. He may never have you try to open them up to the wrong or danger of what they are doing. He may ask you to just love them and pray for them. Ultimately it is only God that frees people from the occult, not human beings. As much as we love others and want to help them, we need to first help ourselves and find our own freedom. Through our freedom others will begin to see the power of God working in a tangible way, and they will hunger for it as well.
It is a beautiful thing to care so deeply for another. And it is exactly what God has made us to do. The best thing to do is to love that person with the love of Christ, and be very, very gentle. There is a reason they have not come to the Lord already. We know the Lord before time began, but through life circumstances we are lead astray. The devil has a plan over each of our lives, to steal, kill and destroy. This means he uses life circumstances to do what he can to hurt us, blind us, and damage us. Through these things we begin to believe lies about God, who He is, and His great love for us. We also believe lies about the world and others around us. This person is probably carrying so much pain and anger and has no idea how to deal with it, so they direct it towards God. They need more than anything His unconditional love. You can bring that into their lives. You would do very well to seek your own deliverance and healing, in order to remove any blocks you have to helping others.
If you believe there is a witch that is coming after you, it is very important to find out why. There are several different reasons you may have a witch attacking you, but whatever the reason you need to know one thing: you are safe. God has you. He knows exactly what is going on and why. He is protecting you in ways that you don't even know yet. He will use this to teach you and train you, you just need to be willing. You need to seek the Lord and ask Him where to go from here. Ask the Lord through prayer and petition to show you why the witch is attacking you and what the next step is. Be careful to test the spirit though, to be sure it is indeed the Holy Spirit answering you. God will lead you through this! You just need to trust Him, and know you are safe, no matter what things look like. Ultimately the devil wants to steal you from your relationship with God, and if he can do that with fear and mistrust, he will.
I am so sorry that you do not agree with what I have said and that you have felt offended by it. I know that some things are very hard to believe and that you feel very strongly about your opinion. I also care very deeply for you as a brother or sister in Christ. However, I do stand by what I have said, and it is only upon the revelation of the Holy Spirit that I will recant anything I have stated thus far. I make it a point to bring myself before God in prayer before speaking and writing, and I do not take anything I have said lightly.
God does not ever violate free will. It is indeed His will that every person live a free life in the Name of Jesus Christ, but not every person chooses this. I am so glad that you are working your discerning muscles and learning more about the spiritual realm around you. However, unless this person asks for help themselves, they cannot receive the help. They only need a fraction of their free will to chose to find freedom through Jesus Christ. If they are saved, then there is indeed enough of their free will available to ask for help. Yet they have to make the choice. You will do best to continue to pray for them and love them with the love of Christ. In the meantime it is a good idea to consider a deliverance and healing for yourself. Every single Christian needs a deliverance and some sort of healing afterwards. Through this you will grow closer to Jesus and be able to help others more freely.
I am so thankful that you want to share a resource with me. I am certain that it has helped you greatly, or that if it is your own work you have put all your heart into it. However, because I am a mother to 4 and a wife, as well as the time I put into my ministry, I do not have time to look at every resource that comes to me via email. I try to be completely led by the Holy Spirit in the work I do, and not rely on the work of man. That being said, I do enjoy the work of others from time to time. You are welcome to email your resource to me, however the chances are I may not ever view it. Thank you.
I am absolutely overjoyed that you have found any help in this ministry whatsoever. It is all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ that I give. I am more than happy to receive your email, but please know I cannot get to them all. If you leave a comment on my blog, I will more than likely see it however. Thank you!
Demonic oppression is very common in our world, and it is true that most every person has some degree of demonic oppression. It is only those who choose to go through the refining fire of God that come to a place of true freedom. Even then, it takes partnership with God and learning to fight for yourself and using your armor to continue walking in that precious freedom. It is few and far between who are willing to go through the refining fires of God and endure til the end. Yet it is entirely possible and absolutely critical we do so anyway. If you have come to that place, then your next step is deliverance. Please see refer to the question below about deliverance.
Spiritual attack is a common every day part of the life of a follower of Christ Jesus. It is something that we will have to endure, until the time that God has set aside for our day of rest. The fact that you have recognized you are under spiritual attack is a wonderful thing. It means you are opening your eyes to the spiritual realm around you and growing in discernment. Discernment is an important tool for the Christian person, and one that is a gift from God. It would be very easy to continue in this life with the veil before our eyes, not recognizing the attempts the enemy makes daily to cut across our path and hinder our walk with God. The next step is to begin to seek God diligently and ask Him what He wants you to do with this information. God is the first and only resource that we need when it comes to spiritual attack. While it is true He may direct us to other individuals for a time to learn, ultimately we need to strive to seek our wisdom and guidance straight from the mouth of God Himself. He does talk to us, we just need to train ourselves to distinguish His voice above all else. Daily prayers should include putting our armor on, but outside of that I want you to trust that God alone is the one who will reveal your next steps to protection to you.
Astral travel is more common than many believe and it happens nightly to many people around the world. It is not something that should cause fear within you, but the fact that you recognize it should stir hope within your soul. You need to understand the amount of people who are actively working in witchcraft and have no idea they are doing it. Denial is a huge blockade to moving forward in freedom from these sorts of things. Denial is only healthy to a certain point, and then it becomes a hindrance. Yet you have now come to a point where your denial has dropped enough for you to recognize that you are actively participating in witchcraft (astral travel). That is a huge step and you need to reassure yourself on the progress you are making. God has this all under control. He sees all and knows all. Therefore He already knows what you have been doing. He is not angry with you, for He knows the reasons that this behavior came about. What He truly wants is to bring you freedom through a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is only through Jesus Christ that we can find redemption and healing in these things. He alone is the Worthy Lamb that was slain for these things we have (or are) doing, and by His blood we will find our day of reckoning. Ultimately He will lead you and guide you into a deliverance and then continued healing. Astral travel comes from a choice given to you over immense pain. You have made the choice in order to save yourself from something far worse than this. It is OK. Please continue to walk into the light, as you are doing, and reach out to Jesus. He is here waiting for you, to bring you into your time of healing.
Generational curses are extremely common, an the fact of the matter is that most families carry them. If you look back to the book of Judges, you will see a time of great sin and a mass falling away from God. People were willing to forsake Him in order to receive riches and benefits and spare the lives of others by sacrificing themselves to false gods (demons). This was merely the beginning of a time where people would actively seek out riches and give themselves over to false gods for beneficial gain. You see it again and again throughout the Bible. It did not stop with Revelation, but still continues today. Therefore generations have suffered mightily at the hand of their ancestors, who took their rights as forefathers and gave them to the god of the world. There is always hope, however, because greater is He who is in you, than He who is in the world. It is going to take an in depth deliverance to delve into your life and see how to devil has taken hold over you. I do not normally recommend trying a self deliverance for curses, as you need to get to the root of the oppression. Please refer to the question below about deliverance.
Please see the above question about curses. Adding to that, please then see the question above about a friend having demonic oppression.
Please see my article here:
The occult is deceptive and seductive. It is hidden and not know, except to the initiated. Many, many people get involved with the occult and have no idea that they have done so. And many more have family members that have been in the occult, and their families do not realize it. That is exactly the way the devil would like to keep it. A secret. If we ourselves do not know we are practicing witchcraft, how much more can the devil use us for his own kingdom? As long as we choose to stay in denial about these things, we can never break free from them, allowing God to work in us and through us, using the call He has already placed on our lives. Please refer to the following articles: and
First, if you have not done so already, watch my video on deliverance here. Once you have done that you will have an important understanding of what deliverance is. It is very important to be educated about deliverance before stepping into it. Deliverance is not for the feint of heart, but for the weary and the desperate. Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30. Thus far we have tried every means we can to find deliverance, but in our own ways and our own times. We have not trusted God to be the one ultimately in charge of our freedoms, but we have looked to man instead. It is because of this, our paths have been long and our burdens so great we have felt crushed under the weight of it. Deliverance is a time of rest and refreshment in the Lord. It is a precursor to finding true freedom in Christ, and an integral part of the salvation experience. The word salvation itself has six parts to it, one being deliverance. Deliverance should be a highly sought out and coveted way to truly experience our salvation, instead it has become feared and shrouded in mystery, and often looked up like some sort of circus side show. This is yet another devise of the devil to steal, kill and destroy the children of God. However, God has a much bigger plan than that of which Lucifer has designed for us. For you see, God knew us far before Lucifer was able to get his grasp over our life. That means, God is the ultimate authority and judge over our lives, as our Creator. And the more we surrender ourselves to Him, the more we allow Him in to move and hover over the deep waters of our souls. That is the place where we will find redemption and healing. Deliverance is not something that is a cure all. It is a first step in a process. It was never meant to be a cure all for the sick and oppressed, but instead a gateway into the inner workings of your soul. If you are willing to have your day of reckoning, and go through the refining fire of the Potter, then you are ready to take the next step into deliverance. Be sure that once you go through deliverance, you will need to diligently seek the face of the Lord to see what His next steps in your life are. For more info on the ministry I partner with, please go to Four Corners Free.
First, yes some spirits do not pass on to either heaven or hell and still roam the earth. You could technically call them ghosts, as they are deceased who have not gone on their eternal destination. Most likely it is because they in life got rights to not move forward into the next place. Secondly, what could seem like the spirit of the deceased could actually be human spirits or demons posing as humans. Human spirits are the souls of those who are alive who are using astral travel to go from place to place. You cannot see them, but you can feel their presence and their effects on you.  I have a more in depth video here. Familiar spirits are another type of spirit, or demon, who can pose as the deceased and who can be seen and heard as well. We do not have authority over other humans, deceased or otherwise. We have to call on angels to remove humans who have come to harass us in this way. We do have authority over the demonic though, and we can break any rights we have given them with the help and guidance of Jesus. I know it may sound scary to think there are humans or demons that can actually harass us in this way, but there is no need to be worried or fearful. God is ever present and He can use these situations to teach us more about Himself, His love, and who we are, as well as the spiritual realm.
The devil always has devices that he uses to deceive us into opening the doors to the occult. Usually these things look pleasing, good, and fun. Just like the fruit in the Garden of Eden looked to Adam and Eve. God has placed the Holy Spirit in our hearts, and it is He who leads us into all truth, John 16:13. Therefore, be assured that all wisdom you seek will indeed come to you straight from the mouth of God. There are a few simple tools that will help you discern if something is compatible with the occult or not. First of all, does it go against what God says in His Word? Second of all, does it give you any question or bad feeling, even a small one? The Holy Spirit is trying to get your attention. And thirdly, is it rooted in any other religion, Eastern or otherwise? Other religions usually incorporate tools of the occult into their practices, as devised by the devil. I have a short list here of things that are commonly known:
"Dear Lord, our beautiful, Mighty, and Gracious Father above. You are the one and true Living God. You created time, as well as the heavens and the earth, and you created this dear and beautiful child of yours. And right now God I ask to stand in the gap on behalf of this person, in order to intercede on their behalf. Only you know the hearts and minds of men, and only you know the deep troubles that are searing  into their soul. It is your love that has brought them here to this moment, and it is your love that will rectify their hearts and minds to you, Lord. Wonderful, beautiful, powerful, almighty, trustworthy, Holy, faithful and true, loving, generous, kind, slow to anger and abounding in love is who you are Father. We thank you for who you are. We adore you. We ask for your presence right now. We ask for you to lift the veil from before their eyes, even if it's just for this moment, and speak to them Father. Speak into their hearts and minds and reveal yourself to this person. Reveal your perfect love. which casts out fear, and reveal your heart to this person. Please Father. We love you. We need you. We desire you. We ache for you! You are all we could ever need, yet we seek to fill this outside of you. We repent for this Lord. We repent for trying to be our own gods and fill our own hearts with worldly things. It is you alone, oh Lord, that can give us every single thing we need. And you bless us Lord. You bless us and you love us and not matter what we do to turn from you, you love us Lord. You accept us, just as we are. Thank you God. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you for every single thing, good and bad, because we believe, we trust, that you are going to work it for our good. And we give ourselves to you. Right now Father. We surrender to you Father. We surrender to you. We praise you Lord Jesus."