October 19 2015

How I Began Speaking In Tongues

speaking in tonguesHave you ever heard someone speaking in tongues? It can be quite a strange sound to hear, maybe even scary. What strange utterances can come from the human tongue! A person who normally speaks perfectly good English is suddenly speaking what sounds like gibberish. Or maybe it sounds like an actual language like Spanish or Russian. I did not hear anyone speaking in tongues until I had been a Christian for a least a year or more. I had heard of it and I knew the Bible talked about it, but I didn’t know if it was something for people today.

There are a group of people who do believe that the gift of speaking in tongues and other gifts of the Holy Spirit have ceased. I think it is easy to believe that if you do not see the Holy Spirit working in signs and wonders in your life, or in the lives of others you know. The first time I heard someone speaking in tongues I wasn’t sure what to think! It sounded weird and I just kept wondering if they were faking it. After all, how am I to know what speaking in tongues is supposed to sound like? So I did what any other curious person would do. I found a YouTube video of someone speaking in tongues to see if it sounded the same.

Ok, so that didn’t exactly help me determine if what I heard was the real deal or not. It was interesting and I grew more curious about the gift of speaking in tongues. The problem was I really didn’t know anyone who had the gift of speaking in tongues and certainly no one at my church did. At least not that I knew of. It seems to be a bit of a controversial topic, speaking in tongues. I was told that anyone who speaks in tongues is from the devil. Very interesting view-point I must say, considering that speaking in tongues originated from the Holy Spirit. I think this really points to the fact that things that are different or unknown can really scare people. The Holy Spirit is unpredictable, and cannot be controlled. Therefore it is safe to say He will do things quite out of the ordinary for us. That does not mean it is from the devil. It means that God is much bigger than are limited understanding of who He is.

To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. 1 Corinthians


It wasn’t until this year that I really got up close and personal with the gift of speaking in tongues. I was at a wonderful place I found in a nearby city where they gather in an upper room for worship, words of knowledge, prophesying, etc. once a week. I heard many voices raise up speaking in tongues and it was a beautiful sound! It was something I wanted as a gift for myself, because as an intercessor  I often found myself wanting and needing to pray for another, but lacking the words to pray with. Or there have been times when I needed to pray on my own behalf, but could not utter a word to save myself. This is exactly when speaking in tongues is very useful.

I had actually been hearing a strange thing in my head for a couple of weeks prior to my first visit at this upper room. It sounded like another language that would pop up out of nowhere. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, didn’t know what it meant and couldn’t get it to come out of my mouth. At this upper room a friend prayed over me to release the gift of speaking in tongues (or praying in tongues as I like to call it). It was just a few days or maybe a week later there was an increase of this foreign language in my head. I wanted badly for it to come out of my mouth, but I was afraid. I wasn’t sure if it was speaking in tongues or not, and I really didn’t know what it was supposed to sound like.

Before I knew it, tongues was rolling out of my mouth like water. It was such a beautiful experience, and it elevated my connection to God. I could easily pray for others by speaking in tongues, and even though I didn’t know what I was saying, I could see with my spirit that it was affecting great change on their behalf in the spirit realm! I also have the gift of discerning spirits, so I can sense demons and angels. Even the demons respond to speaking in tongues! I most often pray for others in tongues, but it is so nice to have a special language to speak to God with, when I just don’t know what words to use.

And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

1 Corinthians 13:2

My gift of speaking in tongues has increased in the past couple of months (that is how long I have had it for as I write this). It has been a great comfort to me. I have used it to lift spiritual attack and have used it to break off oppression from others, or to cast away evil spirits. I have used it to sing to God and to empower angels to help people. I can’t honestly tell you how it works, but I know that speaking in tongues is a miraculous gift from our Father in Heaven! It is a gift I believe any Christian can have. I believe that anyone who asks for the gift of speaking in tongues with faith can receive it. Some will be more strong in this gift than others, as with any other gift. Some may only feel the need to use it only occasionally. As long as you let the Holy Spirit lead you, that is all that matters!

How do you get the gift of speaking in tongues? I am not sure if there is just one answer to that question. I do feel that you can ask our wonderful Father for the gift. You can also ask for someone to pray to release and activate the gift of speaking in tongues over you. It may also just spontaneously come to you in a time of need. I have heard of it happening!

What is it like to pray in tongues? How do you know it is real or if you are doing it right? Speaking in tongues is very natural when you let it flow. I told my husband I wanted him to have this gift, and I prayed over him for it to be released and activated. It wasn’t long before he began to pray in tongues also. He doesn’t speak in tongues often though, and that is ok! He uses it when he feels called to. At first when I began speaking in tongues I was unsure of myself and so it didn’t come out naturally. I would stop and think about it, or would trip up a little. You have to let go and let the Spirit guide you. It is His work in you! We do this in the strength of God, not our own!

For one who speaks in a tongue speaks not to men but to God; for no one understands him, but he utters mysteries in the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 14:2

When you let go and start speaking in tongues you will know it is real because it just flows out, without you thinking about it. As a matter of fact I have tried to think about what should come out next, but it never ends up sounding like what I think it will. It is really flowing from my spirit, not my mind. It comes out easily and I really have no control over it. I mean I could stop speaking in tongues if I wanted, but I can’t control what it is that comes out. At first my prayer language sounded a little like Hebrew. Then it changed and started to sound Spanish and then Russian. Is it really those languages? I can’t really be sure, but it doesn’t really matter. I am now praying to be able to interpret!

It was just about a week ago that I was at a healing service I go to once a month that I had an amazing experience. When we are obedient and let the Spirit freely flow through us, God does amazing things with us! He is so fun! Seriously! I was prayed for and the Holy Spirit began to fill me up so strongly that it was bubbling out of me and I began to shout out in tongues and cry out to Jesus! I was getting to filled up by the power of the Holy Spirit that I could only turn around and share it with my husband who was standing near by. I laid my hands on him and began to pray – while speaking in tongues!

It was like a fire was lit inside of me and I couldn’t stop! I had no idea what I was praying, I just let the Holy Spirit take over me and flow through me into my husband. I have no idea what the prayer language was saying, but I know it was working on his spirit! I then began to pray, one by one, for every other person who had been standing there watching me get prayed for. I was speaking in tongues while praying for each person. The Holy Spirit was serious about praying for each person and passing on His mighty work! God is so good and so glorious! Our Father gives such good gifts! Gifts that we are to share and edify our brothers and sisters with! Praise Him!

And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Acts 2:4

I know that some people may read this and think that it is wrong – that it is demonic or misusing or abusing the Holy Spirit. It is difficult to understand such things that seem so far out of your realm of experience. I assure you there was once a time that I may have thought the very same thing! Yet I have tried to be obedient to the Spirit, and not grieve Him. I have constantly prayed for God to have His way with my life, and to have more of Him. I can never get enough of Jesus, and I want as much of Him in my life as I can handle! So God has been increasing His presence, His giftings, His love, and His power in my life. Hallelujah!

fireWhen it comes to matters of the Holy Spirit, such as speaking in tongues, we need to ask God and seek His counsel to understand who He is. It is easy to rely on man and what he would teach us is right and wrong. There are many great teachers and pastors out there that teach the gifts of the Spirit have ceased for today. They even quote the Bible as their source and reasoning. But man is using his own interpretation to come to these conclusions. Always test the spirits and every teacher that comes before you, lest you be deceived. God Himself will lead you in all wisdom and discernment, if you ask him with faith. Let the Holy Spirit reveal His truth to you. He lives inside of you can speaks to you all of the time, so why can He not teach you His truth?

Just remember, whatever gift God gives you, whether speaking in tongues or not, that you use it with love. All gifts are given by our Heavenly Father, for the use of building each other up. So if you use the gift of speaking in tongues, but don’t use it with love, what good is it? The gifts of the Spirit are given to us with love, and for love, to glorify our Father. So pray earnestly to receive gifts of the Spirit from our Father, so that you may use them to empower and inspire other believers, as well as non believers a like.

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10

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  1. By Chloe on

    I watched your “Praying in Tongues Part 2” Video on youtube and wow did it bless me! I think you are a beacon of hope and are so talented in how you communicate with God and others. I am currently discovering the gift of tongues for myself – I think I have spoken it and it comes easy but it’s confusing becuase I have no idea what it means. Also, in the video, you were praying for the gift to break through for the person watching and I felt a language surface like I needed to say something but I wasn’t sure what to say or how to say it- is that normal? God bless you in every aspect of your life. I’m so encouraged to see how many people get to see the way you minister.

    1. By The Other Side of Darkness (Post author) on

      I am so glad you were blessed by the video! Yes, at first I would feel I wanted to say something but I was too afraid to let something out. I wasn’t sure if it was real, or right, etc. Just focus on the Holy Spirit and it will come. 🙂

  2. By Chris on

    Many years ago, around the time of the Charismatic Revival or Renewal of the early 70s, I prayed to receive the gift of tongues, and God answered me. I was not in a service but on my knees in my bedroom, distressed because I had seen so many others receive the gift and I had not. At that time, I felt overjoyed that God heard me and granted me the gift I had asked for.

    Since then I’ve used it only rarely and, sad to say, have had periods of backsliding, though never abandoning my faith completely. I didn’t then and don’t now belong to a charismatic church and always felt a bit self-conscious about the tongues. I mainly used it privately, especially at times when I felt overwhelmed and unable to pray consciously, then prayed in tongues trusting in the promise that the Spirit Himself will pray for us. That is still primarily the way I use it today.

    Well then, fast forward a number of years, and I came across some writings by a woman who had been deeply involved in and delivered from the occult, who wrote some books about discerning the demonic. She was very emphatic that tongues speaking is a counterfeit from the devil. That made me even more uneasy about it, and so I suppressed my own ability and used it even less, though at times of great intensity in prayer, it will still come out. But it made me uncertain and uneasy whether this was a genuine gift from God or a counterfeit.

    And now, I’ve recently been coming across various videos of people praying in tongues and find myself with yet another question. The tongue I was given has consistently been the same over the years. It sounds like a real language, with pronunciation that aren’t present in my own language of English, sounding more like Arabic or Hebrew or something similar with the guttural throat sounds, and with a variety of words and syntax that sounds real. And it always sounds the same. It’s not especially repetitive, but I do notice certain words being repeated often enough that I’ve come to recognize them.

    However, in nearly all these videos I’ve seen, whether of people in a service, or prayer meeting, or gathering somewhere to baptize, etc. the minute they start speaking in tongues, it all. sounds. exactly. the. same. And it sounds nothing at all like the language I received. The videos sound something like baba-laba-ba-la-ba-la-la-ba-baba-la-laba-la … or sometimes shala-baba-shondi-basha-shala … and so forth. It sounds more like babbling than a real language. So now I am really confused.

    Did I or did I not receive the gift of tongues all those years ago when I prayed for it? If not, then what is it? If so, then why does it sound so different from these others I hear? And why do they all sound the same?

    Would love to hear some opinions and discussion. Thanks!

    1. By The Other Side of Darkness (Post author) on

      Hi Chris
      The gift of tongues is a powerful tool to use in connecting with God and in praying against the enemy. Therefore, the enemy will do whatever he can to cause doubt about this gift in order to stomp it out. The enemy has a few main goals in this world: turn us from God and use us for his purposes. So he will do it however he can. So anything that is a gift from God, the enemy is going to try to counterfeit or destroy. That is why there is such a big movement against tongues. It is just too powerful and the enemy despises it.

      I cannot tell you whether or not you received the gift of tongues, because that is between you and God. However, from what you have told me it sounds like you have. You have to be very careful when taking the advice of others and always test the spirits. Anyone coming out of the occult will have great insight, but unless they have had a complete deliverance and have some inner healing, they are actually still connected to the occult and can be used to mislead others.

      I don’t think anyone can truly explain the gift of tongues or even define it. God is so unique and creative, there is no way try to put the gift into a box and say it’s always this or never that. We cannot limit God to know. Some people may not have developed the gift and therefore only have a limited vocabulary so to speak. I know for my husband, he has not practiced this gift much as he feels awkward about it, and his praying in tongues sounds much like this.

      Do I think that some people are not really praying in tongues? I suppose anything is possible. With the way I understand things at this time, I do not believe that the enemy has created a version of tongues. However, he can use people who pray in tongues for his own devices. Everyone needs to come to a place where they are willing to completely surrender all of themselves, even the hidden places inside, to God for healing and restoration, and until they do, they will have dark places that the devil will use.

    2. By Tim Jorgensen on

      Hi Chris,
      This statement says a lot “…and always felt a bit self-conscious about the tongues…” Speaking in tongues (praying in the Spirit), is a powerful method of communication, and your vocabulary was always meant to grow in the Spirit. However, the way it grows is completely different from ‘normal’ learning of languages. Normal learning of languages comes from mental education, practice and immersion in the native environment.

      But speaking/praying in tongues is not mental, it is spiritual, and operates by different laws. The way your language in the Spirit grows is through letting go of fear, engaging more boldness, yielding more of yourself over to Him without timidity. The more you yield the more He can flow through you. Letting go of the prison of self-consciousness is the key to breakthrough in receiving more.

      The second key is just to ‘ask’ for more words. It is just that simple- you ask by faith, and you expect to receive and do with a childlike expectancy. Most people never do these two steps, and they live FOR YEARS in the comfortability of their current level of speaking in the Spirit, and never experience the fantastic world available to them. It is a doorway to so many of the gifts operating through a believer. In one of my comments below I have a link with a more full step by step explanation.

      This leads to the enemy being able to sow doubt in the gift you have received. If it was never developed into maturity, the enemy’s next step is to cut it off completely through lies and intimidation. The enemy always wants to prey upon the weak and immature because he fears how strong they can be. So take courage 🙂 even the enemy knows you are destined to be powerful in the Spirit of God! 🙂

      Lastly, it is important to know that tongues is a SPIRITUAL language, rather than a natural language. Our job is to step out in faith and speak it, it is God’s job to give the utterance and the interpretation. It is not our job to judge it. I know of friends that have been on the mission field or here at home, and they were yielded over to God, speaking in tongues, and it sounded ‘normal’ tongues to them, but to others it was a REAL language that they understood! wow!

      And let me blow your mind a bit more, did you know in Acts 2, it doesn’t strictly say that the believers ALL SPOKE WITH DIFFERENT LANGUAGES? It says that they all spoke with other tongues, but what is amazing is that it says that “EVERYONE HEARD them speak in his own language.” Think of the logistics of trying to hear each particular language (see the list of all the languages in Acts 2!) amongst the noise, ALL these different languages! But I believe that God also poured out the ability to interpret and understand to all these different people groups there so they ALL HEARD each in their OWN language! They each heard a different language from the same group of Galileans. THAT is what made the miracle on the day of Pentecost so amazing and perplexing to everyone! That is the beauty of the language of the Spirit- don’t get into the trap of the enemy trying to judge it by the flesh. Just trust and obey- and God will direct it where it needs to go. 🙂

      Be blessed! 🙂

      1. By John Hubbard on

        …”But speaking/praying in tongues is not mental, it is spiritual, and operates by different laws. The way your language in the Spirit grows is through letting go of fear, engaging more boldness, yielding more of yourself over to Him without timidity. The more you yield the more He can flow through you. Letting go of the prison of self-consciousness is the key to breakthrough in receiving more.”

        This is exactly what I experienced today. I chose to be baptized again because I was younger when Imfirst chose the baptism. Today it was different. I always felt Imcould speak in tongues and actually thought I had when Imwas younger but it sounded like jibberish and Imwas timid and afraid of it not being a Spiritual language. I chose to supress it.
        Today I was baptized again and they were expecting me to speak in tongues; I did not; though I felt,I could! I felt like fear held it back.
        I went to the car about 15 minutes later to get my jacket and just spoke to God in almost an aggravated state, aggravated at my timidness/fear and SELF-CONSCIENCE. I let go and out it came.
        I went inside and let the others know. I ended up praying over a young girl and her throat was healed. Later Imprayed over my wife, along with the others, for her to receive the Holy Spirit(non-water baptizm) and I spoke in tongues then too! And again ober another Woman who came to Christ!
        I was quiet but I knew I was speaking in tongues. I had no idea wh I was saying but I was feeling it. At times I just had nothing to say and just wouldn’t say anything at all. It was wierd, then I had the urge and spoke. And when I spoke two others also spoke in tongues at the same time, it’s like we were n’sync. When we began to speak it was like a different wave had hit the person we were praying over, even though there were 10 others praying in Spanish around
        , as well. (I don’t speak Spanish, btw. It was an intersting day. God led me to this place to be baptized and it was a Spanish group of folk. It was awesome. My wife and I are super white, lol)

        Anyway, I came home and explained this to my parents and I explained this very same thought. This is what I felt God was saying to me. That overcoming this fear, timidness and becoming bolder is what was required to grow this gift and grow in/with the Spirit. That by speaking in tongues in faith was letting go and trusting God. Faith.
        Anyway, you explained it better but I had to simply concur 🙂



  3. By Ashley Marie West on

    My name is Ashley. I have 18 min recorded of me speaking in multiple languages. I do not remember all of it but my landlord says that I am posessed and was talking trying to do an exorcism. I am so confused and my intuition is so keen. Before this I saw jesus and sketched and painted him. I could never do that before. I know it is from God but I am living with someone that my gut says is not for me and my newly found gifts. I am asking for help please, Ashley

    1. By The Other Side of Darkness (Post author) on

      Hi Ashley
      Thank you for reaching out. I am unsure of what you are asking for help with? Is it whether or not you are speaking tongues or if it is demonic? That would be hard for me to discern, especially without more information. It sounds like your neighbor has really put some fear into you about this. I would not worry about what your neighbor has said, but instead I would work on strengthening my relationship with Jesus. It is only through growing our intimacy with Him that we can begin to understand ourselves, what is going on inside of us, the spiritual realm, etc. Also, it is not possible for you to be possessed if you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savoir. It is possible for you to channel demons or have demons, but these are things that you are going to have a hard time understanding without the love of God coming into the information. I have some great articles as well as videos on these topics. But I highly recommend you just begin to take time to sit with Jesus and let Him love on you.

  4. By Libbie Everette on

    I was introduced to you through a fb post regarding Halloween, that led me to your page and I ended up reading your testimony and now, checked out this writing on receiving the Holy Ghost (gift of speaking in tongues). I just want you to know that your testimony has blessed me tremendously. I’m so thankful that you have come to know the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour. Jesus, your salvation will continue to get sweeter as the days go by.

  5. By Tim Jorgensen on

    You are on an amazing journey Beth! I am so excited to read your simple honest testimonies of how God is leading you step by step. (And you really are a great writer too!) Praying in tongues is a powerful breakthrough tool from the Holy Spirit to bypass limitations in our natural mind while it is still being renewed. (Rom.12:1-2) God has so much he wants to do through us, that can be bottle-necked by unrenewed thoughts and mindsets. By His grace He gave us the Holy Spirit so He can work through us from the inside out (by praying in tongues Rom.8:26-27), while our minds are being renewed from the outside in(via the Word of God). But through interpretation of praying in tongues, our mind can also start ‘catching’ the changes and priorities that God is working on (and thorough) us in the inside. If you want some helpful tips on receiving the interpretation of what you are praying, take a look here- http://spiritlifetraining.com/how-to-interpret-what-you-are-praying-in-tongues/. Again, keep up the great work! (2 Tim. 4:17)

  6. By Aaron Zachary Odencrans on

    I deal with a lot of baptist churches in my area and most of them sadly are anti tongues. Once you get around the prophetic and pentacostal types you WILL experience something of the Holy Spirit.

  7. By Kimberley on

    Wow! Thank you for posting this one Beth. I am really lifted up when your praying over me in tongues! Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Praise God for His redeeming love.

  8. By Eric Snowden on

    Amen Thank you for Letting God use you! I have been Blessed by your Videos & Blog! Love you Sister!

    1. By The Other Side of Darkness (Post author) on

      Thank you so much. God bless you.

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