Types of Demons

demonsThere are many different types of demons, spirits, and other creatures that serve the Kingdom of Darkness. With the gift of seeing in the spiritual realm I am able to see spirits of all kinds, as well as angels. I have seen many creatures and how they wreak havoc in our lives. Here I am going to begin to list the different types of spirits that I have encountered, and what they do. This page will be a work in progress.




Human Spirits – souls of human that use astral travel to leave the body

Spirits of the deceased – souls of deceased humans that have made a covenant with death and hell to remain in the astral plane after physical death. Able to use astral travel to go between Second Heaven and earth.

Watcher Spirits: spirits that are used spy and report back to it’s master. Can be a human spirit, but birds and insects such as flies can also be used for this.

Familiar Spirits: Spirits that assist witches. Can be in the form of an animal of any kind, or a human. Is usually used as protection, or as a charm of “good luck”.


Demons Lower Level

All demons are disembodies spirits. Lower level demons are incapable of running a body of any type. They are grunts or workers only.

Imps: small demons, mischievous creatures, familiar spirits that wreak havoc in the human world

Parasites: bugs and tapeworms that inhabit the human body

Head demons: demons of the highest ranking order of the lower class of demons, who have total authority over all demons inhabiting a human soul.


Demons Higher Level

All higher level demons are disembodies spirits, but are allowed to take over and run a human body. 


Flase Gods

All Flase Gods are Fallen Angels: angels of God that chose to leave their places of authority in heaven to follow Lucifer in his rebellion against God.

Lucifer aka Satan: first fallen angel, leader of the Second Heaven and the Army of Hell, also known as the AntiChrist spirit

Baal: god of fertitlity, son of Dagon

Dagon: father of Baal, territorial spirit over all of Northern California

Jezebel: god of witchcraft and human seduction

Molech: god of human sacrifice, child sacrifice, god of destruction

Leviathan: spirit of pride, could also be the same as Lucifer

Asherah: fertility goddess, consort of Baal





Ishtar/Queen of Heaven





Nephilim are the offspring of the fallen angels and human women. The fallen angels have also procreated with other animals/creatures of the earth to produce hybrid creatures. These creatures are spiritual in nature.







Any super hero or Greek hero that is part human/part diety of some kind, such as Superman, Hercules, etc


Territorial Spirits

Territorial spirits are fallen angels who are in control of assigned areas and regions of the earth.