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Blessing Your Spirit

When God created us before time, He created us first as a spirit. God breathed us into being and we had a life before we had a body or soul. It’s not until God forms us in the womb that we develop a soul and body. Yet once we are born into this physical world we don’t remember the spiritual world. Our spirits are waiting to be renewed and brought back to life again in Christ.

During the time we live without Christ, we allow our souls, or our flesh, to dominate our lives. We followed the prince of the power of air in disobedience to God, focusing on what felt good and right according to our souls. However, when we are made alive with Christ, our spirits are revived and connect our soul and body to God’s Spirit. Our spirit is our inner man that seeks to obey God and follow Jesus while our soul strives against it.

It is so easy to forget we are spirit when we are surrounded by the physical. We tend to focus on our body and soul’s needs and desire, laying aside that which is of the Spirit of God. When we do that, our spirits become weakened and unable to help us in our walk with Christ. We need to take time in the Word to refresh and renew our inner man and connect to that life-giving power of God.

For many of us who have been neglecting our spirits, I have written a prayer of blessing. When we bless our spirits and ask them to be present and forward in our lives, we will notice how much easy it is to navigate the things of this world. We will not feel so overtaken by our emotions or by the spiritual attack. We must continually wash ourselves in God’s Word and seek His face, strengthening our spirit so we can face the challenges this world holds.

When you read this prayer, fill in the blank with your name and spirit. So if I were to pray this over myself I would say “Beth’s spirit”. I pray that this is a blessing to you and that it helps strengthen you and quicken you. However, there are many people that actually do not have their spirit in their bodies. Their spirit has been taken captive at some point in their life and is being held, hostage. That does not mean you are not saved, it just means that you need to work to retrieve your spirit back. I will address this in the blessing, however, many who struggle with this will need in-depth deliverance for help to retrieve their spirits.

Blessing Your Spirit

_______ spirit, I bless in you in the name of Jesus and invite you to come forward. _____ spirit, you are the breath of the Almighty who is the giver of life and peace (Job 33:4). You have been joined as one with the Lord Jehovah (1 Corinthians 6:17). You have been called here on a special assignment as an ambassador of Christ to help others reconcile to God (2 Corinthians 5:20) and proclaim His excellencies (1 Peter 2:9). ____ spirit, I bless you to receive the call of God on your life and recommission you to your original assignment in the name of Jesus Christ.

______ spirit, please forgive me for ignoring you or neglecting you. You are a very important part of me and I need you. ______ spirit, please rise up within me now and take charge of this body as you were intended to. I speak over ______ spirit and ask for release from all trauma bonds holding you captive. I pray for the release from all chains of bondage in every place and realm, throughout all time and space. I pray that _____ spirit would be released from all contracts or rights held over them to keep them in captivity.

I ask for angels of the Lord to go to any place where ______ neshama is being held captive and bring it back to _______ spirit for restoration and healing. Any objects or devices that have been attached to or inserted into _____ spirit, I ask for angels of the Lord to remove them all. I ask for every wound against  ______ spirit to be healed and covered with the healing balm of Gilead.

I ask that _____ spirit be washed in rivers of Living Water and fed the Bread of Life. I ask that the blood of Jesus be applied to every sin committed against ______ spirit and that everything stolen to be restored to ______ spirit in Jesus name.



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