Email Beth

Hello, my dear brothers and sisters! I am so thankful that you have taken the time to contact me! Unfortunately, I am unable to personally help every person that is so desperately searching for answers. For this reason, I am not able to answer every person that emails me. I know how hard it is for you right now, but the Lord is with you! No matter what it feels like, He has not forsaken you. He is walking with you and protecting you in ways you cannot even imagine!
* Satanic Ritual Abuse information is here. Prayers for Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors are here. Info for deliverance is here.
*I also urge you to spend time reading through my blog and watching videos on my Youtube channel.
*I also have a page of recommended learning resources that are amazing.
*Warfare Prayers are here.godloves-300x199

I have spent countless hours writing and vlogging about many of the subjects that are concerning you right now. You will find many of the answers you are seeking as you go through my blog and videos, as well as the other resources I have listed. Most of all, you must trust that Jesus is going to help you through this, no matter what it feels like right now.

If all else fails, I strongly urge you to work on building intimacy with Jesus. He is the only reason I have gotten where I am now, even after intense oppression, and problems connecting with Him. Never give up on trying to connect with the Lord and hear His voice, not matter how hard it is. He is the hope and the reason you are here. He loves you and will never abandon you.

I love you all, be sure of that. I love you with the love of the Holy Spirit that lives within me. I praise the Lord for each on of you, and I know He is beginning a mighty work in you! Peace be still, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Love Beth