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Halloween and Christianity


As I write this it is just a few days away from October. Once again I feel great pain in my heart rising up for the many lost souls who will be hurt during this time of year, or who have been hurt and have to try to fight off the memories this season. I am also deeply troubled by the many Christians who will go out and celebrate the darkness, when they have been saved by the Light. This is the season of Halloween, a time when witches and satanists celebrate a high holy day; a day of death, darkness and fear.

If you have been following my blog, you know that a spent my own season in life as a witch, deeply involved in the occult. I have written about my past experiences with Samhain (or Halloween) rituals and what Halloween means to witches. Since coming into a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ, I have been completely redeemed from the evil I participated in. I have come out from the darkness and experienced His glorious light. My testimony has led to me other Christians who were formerly involved in the occult. Not all of them were involved by choice. Some were involved by force by their own family members. Family members who did horrible things to them during satanic rituals. They try desperately to avoid anything related to Halloween this time of year, because the memories of their childhood abuse still haunts them to this day.

When I was not an actively practicing witch I still reveled in Halloween. It was a time to party! Halloween is sensual and exciting! There are sweet treats, fun costumes, games, music, laughter. It is a time to decorate, carve pumpkins and get together with friends and family. What is not to love, right? We always had great costumes such as vampires, witches, ghosts and other ghoulish characters. We also decorated our house with skulls, bats, corpses, head stones, rats and other treasures. It was all in good fun!

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Of course celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to be about ghouls and scary things. You can decorate for fall and dress in innocent costumes such as princesses and super heroes. It makes for good wholesome fun. So just take out the evil and you have changed a night of evil into something perfectly good. Right? Wrong. I am so sorry to say that you cannot take Halloween and make it good, wholesome, or innocent, no matter what changes you try to make of it. Halloween from it’s very origins is evil, and it still is today.

During my first year as a Christian I was quickly convicted to stop celebrating Halloween. It was very easy for me to give it up, knowing what the true meaning of the day is. I did not actually know that it was also an important day to Satanists as well, because as a witch you sincerely don’t associate yourself with evil. It didn’t take much research to see that Satanists use Halloween as one of their special days to sacrifice human lives. And I naturally assumed that other Christians would not celebrate Halloween either. I mean, it is obviously evil. Just take a stroll through your neighborhood on a cool October night to see how many houses are decorated with skulls, bats, witches, etc. and you will see how the rest of the world views Halloween. So you can understand how I was utterly shocked to find out that just about every single Christian I knew actually celebrated Halloween.

I was more than shocked, I was dismayed and distressed. I was brought out of darkness by the grace of Jesus Christ. I wanted to rejoice and shout out from the rooftops of my undying love for Jesus. I wanted to get away from darkness and evil and be a light to the world. So how was it that I was so utterly alone in standing up for truth and light among a group of people who were supposed to share the same beliefs as I did? I had many conversations where terms like “God hasn’t convicted me” or “that’s legalistic” were thrown at me. As a new Christian that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It was pretty black and white. Halloween = evil and Christians shouldn’t celebrate it.

The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie

2 Thessalonians 2:9

I spent that Halloween and the next sharing my story with other Christians as much as I could. I tried to plead with Christians to get them to understand that Halloween does not glorify Jesus and celebrating it actually invites the demonic into your life. It is pretty difficult to convince someone that a day to party and have fun could possibly be bad – unless of course you were once a witch. Then it makes perfect sense for someone like me to not celebrate it. It absolutely breaks my heart. Yet we live in a fallen world, where temptation runs rampant, and the church has catered to the masses by giving us the message of what we want to hear.

It would be easy to try to strip everything that looks evil out of Halloween and just call it a fall celebration. You could even go to a church on and attend a fall festival, and not trick or treat. Or you could pass out tracts to your neighborhood kids, and pray that one of them finds Jesus through that little pamphlet. I used to go to churches every year to attend fall festivals. It was a great way to have fun and celebrate Halloween. Never once did I hear the Gospel message from any of those churches. It was about free candy and games for us. I also found Christian tracts in my kids trick or treat bags before. I immediately snatched them up and threw them away before my kids could even try to understand what they were. I was not going to let Christian lies into my children’s heads.

I have heard every argument for Christians celebrating Halloween. I have thought and prayed about them all. I continuously come to the same conclusion every single time. Halloween is evil, and it is not for Christians. It is a season of fear and death and cannot be redeemed. Can God be glorified by it? Absolutely yes. By every Christian who stands up and decides not to participate in it. By shining a light into this dark and evil time with the love of Christ. Does that mean I advocate hiding away or turning against anyone who celebrates it? Absolutely not. Every single person in this world deserves to know Jesus Christ. He loves every one of us, no matter what. And we have so many thousands of ways to go out and spread the Good News to the world. It does not have to be done by fall festivals and Christians tracts.

But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.

1 Thessalonians 5:4-5

The topic of demons and the devil is a very sensitive topic in the Christian world. Even among unbelievers there is great doubt in whether or not demons or real or if they are active in this world. Even when I was a witch I did not believe in the devil or hell! And let’s be honest. The thought of demons and evil is a very scary thought. Just look at what we see of what evil looks like on TV. The devil looks very scary indeed! Yet if you read the description of the devil in Ezekiel 28:12-13, he was absolutely beautiful, the “seal of perfection”. Satan does not come as a scary beast, he comes as deceiving us with his beauty! He preys on our fears, and so we are inundated with scary images of what evil looks like. So when evil does actually come into our lives we can’t even recognize it, because we are looking for something completely different.


Yet we must remember, Satan has been defeated! Jesus our Risen Lord has defeated death and hell, and there is nothing to fear in our enemy. We should rejoice in the authority and power that has been bestowed upon us by Christ Jesus! And in doing that we should reject the things of this world that have deceived us in to thinking they are good and fun. Evil always comes tempting us with pleasure. Do not be seduced into thinking Halloween is purely innocent. You are sending a message to the powers of hell that you are open to them invading your life. Everything related to Halloween has roots in ancient occult rituals. Please do not participate in these things and invite the enemy right in to your life.
God warns us of the spiritual realm and the evil powers that are coming against us. Should we be ignorant of these things because we don’t understand them? It would be very easy and very comfortable to do so. Yet we were not brought out of this world so that we may remain ignorant and live as the pagans do. We were brought out of this world to have freedom! We are not slaves to fear and death, but live victoriously because Jesus Christ defeated them! Let us be transformed into light and no longer be bound by the chains of this world! Use your freedom to serve one another, in love. The world around us is perishing – let us focus on our real mission here in this world. To spread the beautiful message of the Gospel, which has the power to save lives! Be a light in this world for those who are still blinded by the god of this world!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians 6:12

Originally published on Oct 5, 2015


  • Esther

    So thankful for the sacrifice of our Lord Yeshua ha Mesjiach, once and for all He gave His life! So that no one has to perish anymore!
    Beth im so shocked to read about the human sacrifices,….my heart grieves so so much for all this children……
    do you think we can pray ,interceed for the lives of this innocent ones in any way?
    I feel so helpless……
    but i know God is greater!

  • Arlene

    Amen to ALL THAT Sister!! I’m definitely against Halloween 100%! Thank You for sharing this Amazing testimony. All Glory To God In The Highest Amen!!!God Bless Us All ❀❀❀

  • Miguel Victoria

    Wow, this is wonderful testimony and teaching….
    This is very true… Sadley many Christians still celebrate halloween, others try to make it innocent as in “oh, im gona dress up for i wont celebrate” … They are still participating… Beth may God keep on blessing your life.

  • John Duerwaechter

    Oct 31st is a day the God created, it’s not satan’s day it’s God’s day because He created it. I look it at another day to do The Great commision. Remember Jesus came to call sinners to repentance, & if we have oppurtunity to do this thru witnessing, Bible Tracts, or any other type of evangelism we should try to reach these people if we can. these little kids that come to your door have no idea what’s going on w/ the occult, their parents might know, 7 if they do they shouldn’t be sending them out trick or treating. We have to remember that satan doesn’t want anyone to know about Jesus because he knows how a person will have the reward of eternal life because he once was up in the 3rd heaven by the throne of God. So in my opinion never stop trying to reach people for the gospel no matter what day it is. do you think Jesus would have talked to the trick or treaters and told them about himself & eternal life? I think He defintely would have, because remember he came to call sinners to repentance. JUST THINKING HERE-GOD LOVE YOU ALL!

    • Richard Burnett

      GOOD THINKING, John. Yes, Halloween is definitely the “DEVILS HOLIDAY”, but it can and should be a opportunity to witness for JESUS CHRIT, our LORD, SAVIOR and REDEEMER…Amen

      • Robin Wilhelm

        Jesus would have talked to the people, stated the truth, and sent them away saying as He did time and again, “Go, and sin no more”……He would not have dressed up and participated in the events, He would be JESUS…not cloaked to disguise or deceive. If you want to share the gospel, and use this day to share HIM, then u must NOT be a part of the darkness, but a LIGHT in it!!

  • Eileen


    I have not celebrated this “holiday” for many years; as I learned first hand through a dear friend who found herself wrapped up in a VERY frightening situation on halloween night and thank God I was there to help/save her literally! When I was in my 20s I then began to research deeply and learned of the horrors that do in fact go on on this night and how it is so full of evil and is Satans day; even if people don’t want to believe it, it is the truth. I used to take my kids, when they were little to the church Fall Festival on this night until I was convicted that it was just “sloopy seconds” to try and make us feel good and still be happy and celebrating on the very night that others and animals were being abused, butchered and killed! How could knowing that, make this night fun for anyone! So, I began to stay home, yes with no visable outside lights on for just a few hours while the kids who were out begging for candy & treats; and I PRAYED. I spent the evening earnestly praying for so many who were still deceived about this day and that it is the holy day for Satanists. I did also pray for the safety of the little innocent children who were receiving candy & treats from strangers, etc. Candy is cheap, so my kids had plenty all throughout the year, that I bought and knew was safe; so getting that from who knows where was no big deal for my kids anyway. Tracts are GREAT, but I can tell you, most kids will just throw them out anyway in anger as they only are looking for good candy, etc. So, I think giving tracts is another sloppy second way for some Christians to just make themselves feel good on that night. You would be better to pass tracts out on the street corner, in parking lots of stores or put them in bathroom stalls in stores and restaurants, etc. Be creative with how to pass them out, but halloween is not the right time, in my opinion and from what I’ve seen and watched when kids just look to see what they got and pull the tracts out and throw them on the ground!

    I’ve also watched so many little kids be so scared out of their minds by so many costumes that they’ve seen out on the street (as for several years, I went out, sat in my van and watched the goings on even!) It was awful! I became a parent of backbone and said NO to any form of celebration on this night, and my kids are now grown men and neither of them resent me for that and are fine, well adjusted adults. They missed out on NOTHING!

    I too get met with every “excuse” in the book from many Christian friends who celebrate on this day in one way or another; and I, like you, will NEVER cave or change my mind after what I experienced and learned and I also pray on this night that the scales would fall from more and more Christians eyes on this day. Just as we have several days we celebrate the birth, resurrection and one day return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Satan too has his “holidays” in which his followers celebrate him; so what would a Christian find better to do on those days than to pray, pray and pray! Then even if your home may be temporarily dark; your heart will be beaming with the light!

    • Saved by Grace

      This was a great article. Thank you for each one. I have read some other & watched some of your youtubes. G-D bless you & thank you for faithfully trying your best to educate people, Christians or not. It helps us all to keep our resolve.

      I have been in deliverance ministry & attended exorcism services & seen many manifestations of demons & participated in casting them out. So, yes, demons are very real. Thank God, through the Blood of Jesus, we who are redeemed ourselves, to follow Christ Jesus as our Lord & Savior have the authority, in Jesus Name, after a person confesses, repents of their sins, & wants to be delivered of the demons, to cast the demons out.

      Why discourage the obedience of those who go out & pass out tracts on Halloween? Perhaps you meant those who put tracts in the children’s sacks of candy. But tracts have helped save many a soul. I ENCOURAGE people to share the Gospel & to pass out Gospel tracts. Watch this video: Extreme Evangelism: The Man On George Street;

      I have prayed this year like I have never prayed before, there is so much to pray about. For years, especailly on Halloween, we always turn off the porch light & make it a night of fervent & solemn, unified prayer at our house. This is not in the least bit copping out. You can feel the opposition in the spiritual real, especially on Halloween, when you pray the Will of God, in the Spirit.

      One year, a home, whose decorations I happened upon, were that of a man’s clothing, laid out face down, with stuffing, and a hat, to look like a man laying face down on the lawn. In the middle of this was a lawn mower, right across the very middle of the “man.” It was absolutely horrifying.

      A few years back, my children found a cat, laying the the long grass at our neighborhood park, during Halloween season. The cat appeared to be sleeping, peacefully, eyes closed, with all its legs curled up underneath it. When we walked up to pet it, we realized that cat was dead & its legs were missing, pulled or cut off & missing. So, so, sad!

      One year, our then pastor, told us a story of his cat that had gone missing this Halloween time. When the cat showed up at home, all of its paws had been seriously burned. He doesn’t know how it was able to return home, or why or how it disappeared or how its paws got burned.

      Yes, Halloween is horrible. The Sacred Scriptures say, “Have nothing to do with the works of darkness.” Halloween is truly on that list of “works of darkness.”

      Thank You, Lord Jesus, for our from the powers of darkness & deliverance in Your Name!

  • Viconmypc

    I don’t disagree but I feel like there is SOMETHING that should be done on that night, rather than shrinking away from the evil and sitting quietly in our houses with the lights out.

    Aren’t we called to be bold, courageous, and a light to the world? Wouldn’t Halloween be a good night to stand up and shine?

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Hello πŸ™‚
      I don’t see refusing to participate in Halloween as shrinking away or hiding. I see it as taking a stand against it. So many are participating in this night, but what if they didn’t? What if more and more Christians stood up and said ‘no’ to Halloween? That would be making a real difference and glorifying God!

      • Eileen

        I absolutely don’t shrink away sitting quietly in my house on this night. I enter boldly into the throne room of God and spend hours throughout the days before and on this night, talking to our Lord Jesus and praying with everything in me for things pertaining to this day of the most evil one and for protection of the innocent ones and animals! That, is a very proactive way to spend this evening and I pray more and more believers begin to do the same.

  • Katharine

    We heard of a pastor who decorated his church doors with evil posters and advertised a Halloween night scarier than any other.
    He got a pretty big crowd.
    And he showed them a truly horrifying documentary movie about the TRUTH about Halloween, and testimonies from people who had done ritual torture on that night, or suffered from it, or lost cattle to it, etc. I don’t know the outcome of this tack, but thought it original…
    Your opinion?
    Also, did you know that this year the aspca will withhold adoption out any black cats from a few weeks before, until a week after Halloween?

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Hi πŸ™‚
      That is a very interesting way to get people’s attention. I am not sure what I think about his tactics, but I would love to know the reaction he got from the people about the message! I could see a lot of people getting angry about feeling deceived, but I really hope it opened a lot of people’s eyes. I do know this about the black cat’s. We have a black cat and just called the ASPCA about getting her spayed and her the recording about that.

  • Kay

    I agree with most of what you say but why are you blasting gospel tracts? I give them out and my neighbor has said she reads them. Why would you tell people not to hand them out if you want them to know Jesus? That’s very scary to me

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      I’m sorry you feel I was blasting gospel tracts. I did not write anything about not passing them out. I wrote about my experience as a non Christian and gospel tracts. I am not sure how you got the impression I am trying to keep people from spreading the Gospel when my blog is dedicated to glorifying Jesus Christ.

      • Mary

        Hey! So I had that feeling as well too. I guess from the context it sounded like you were already a Christian and had something against the gospel tracts. Anyway your comment clarified my confusion πŸ™‚ Thank you for such a compelling post and shedding light on my ignorance!

  • Naida

    I actually agree with you 100%. I’m a Christian and I don’t celebrate Halloween either, and I don’t allow my kids to celebrate it either.

  • Catherine Ross

    My parents raised me in the truth concerning the evil the Halloween is centered around and I have never been ashamed to own that the holiday is wicked. (The information you presented in this blog has been very interesting, too.) However, I would like to respond to your comment about churches hosting harvest festivals. I have never thought of these as wrong (as long as the church is not trying to follow the traditions and patterns of Halloween). I always thought that churches conduct fall festivals to give children who would otherwise be roaming the streets to trick-or-treat as safe, godly place to meet, have fun and hear the gospel. Do you still think this type of outreach is wrong?

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Hi Catherine : ) Thank you for your comments! As a pagan I loved going to churches for fall festivals and for trunk or treating on Halloween. It was safe and free for my kids. We always got great candy. Never once did I hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we went for years. Out of all those times, I actually only had one person even try to talk to me. Most of the time at these events the people are too busy working to help people to talk about Jesus. I have thought a lot about these fall festivals, but I honestly don’t see them as an outreach. I see Christians going to them, dressing up, and saying they don’t celebrate Halloween. This is still a celebration of Halloween, especially when done on Halloween night. If a church truly wanted to do an outreach, they would be reaching out to the lost while the church itself stood firm that they do not celebrate Halloween. Many churches do this and are not against Halloween, they just are trying to have a “non evil” alternative. It needs to be done with a real stand to Christians that they know Halloween is evil, and a real work to get the Gospel to the lost that are in their house.

  • Gleniece

    Thank you, Beth, for standing up for the truth. My husband and I are bible-believing Christians who don’t celebrate Christmas, Easter, or Halloween because of their pagan origins. I guess we are considered peculiar of the ‘peculiar’ people. So many Christians gloss over the reality of what these holidays really mean.
    I enjoyed your post. Thank you again.
    Love to you from Arizona.

    • Terrie

      at christmas time our church has a christmas cantata. we dont celebrate it for their pagan roots but we celebrate it by remembering the greatest gift God gave us was his son Jesus Christ to save us from sin..ive questioned my pastor about this before if christians should celebrate. and he said its ok if you celebrate for the right reasons.

    • Suzanna Ohlwine

      I so agree and appreciate you speaking truth about halloween. i have known most of my spirit filled life and have not participated. Knew from the late Lester Summerall to avoid every appearance of evil. knew the damage the occult did to my brother. we had an ouija board as children and kabala and tarot cards. he had books on witchcraft and a crystal ball. He was deep into it an
      loved dressing up at Halloween. When I became a
      spirit filled Christian i saw this halloween as evil and stopped participating in it. I hated seeing all the evil masks and props in stores. I always knew it was evil..Only recently have i realized Christmas and Easter also were pagan. Started by Constantine and the early church, masquerading as holy days. Christmas was set on a pagan date. Jesus was born in
      September. Easter
      was supposed to be on Passover but Costantine changed the date and put on day of Ischtar…pagan goddess of fertility.Added painted eggs which were really from bloody eggs. Added a bunny which sign of fertility and sex. Costantine also changed the Sabbath
      from from Saturday to Sunday. Time for the church to know the truth that will set us free

  • ginger

    So happy our numbers are growing every year and the truth is beginning to shine it light. Gave Halloween, Easter bunny and Santa up years ago, amazing how much closer we become to Christ in the process. Tell people the truth it’s as simple as that, especially with children. They will pass the word better than we, but make sure they do it in love for others with out condemning. Thanks Beth much love and blessings

  • Jason Durham

    This post was truly amazing! First of all, PRAISE THE LORD that you heeded the call and brought all that garbage under the subjection of Jesus Christ, and in turn, He BROKE EVERY CHAIN of Bondage off of your life! hallelujah!

    I will be sharing this via my Facebook. I would love for you to take a lookat my site, and give me some feedback on how it looks. I have just bought a dot com, and still experimenting. I absolutely LOVE the notebook format on yours.

    God Bless!

  • Cheryl K

    I’ve been the odd one for many years because I hate halloween. I have 6 children, one in heaven, 4 adults, last one will be 16 tomorrow. Because my husband is not a believer after I felt convicted to wash my hands of it, ours kids still dressed up. Now I have 2 precious granddaughters, 6 & 3 and the 6 yr old days she loves Halloween then says, I know you hate it grandma. Breaks my heart. God please make a way that they will not celebrate this year and never again. You know already I feel a heaviness about this month. And my birthday is the next day Nov 1st. So this year like last I will go to my friends church, pray…I just don’t know for sure. Thanks Beth for your story may our awesome Savior and Lord fill us with His joy, strength and peace. Can ya get us out of here soon Jesus? Never the less not our will but Yours be done! Salvation, grace and mercy I pray.

  • christine dymek

    Reading, thinking, praying and getting ahold of God about all of this.

    Your post on this time of the year is excellent Beth, very well-done. And anyone who has view my website: Angels Spells N’ Mysticism, knows that this entire realm of darkness lures and with great “subtleties.” Yes, Satan is just as you, Beth described from the bible. He is “an angel of light” scripture describes and so, he is not what many believers are looking for.

    Here are my thoughts on this as who does not like “celebration.” We love to “celebrate,” but why not approach your pastors with a different spin on this altogether, and have An Autum festival at the beginning of Autumn, with pumpkins, yes – God is the maker of these not the devil, and a preaching of The Gospel of Christ with speakers as yourself, Beth, telling their testimonies. You do have a powerful testimony Beth, “an over-the-top” kind of testimony regarding Halloween and the WHY not to partake of this in any way shape or form.

    So, lets celebrate but lets BE CLEAR with what we are celebrating. I love Autumn and everything that goes with it. And are costumes in and of themselves bad, NO ! But the question is: What and who are we celebrating, and the bigger emphases, lets be clear.

    I think there is no clearer way than to have a great time celebrating the beautiful time of the year with all the smells of Autumn, pine, spices, food, fellowship and more. But, let me say again: LETS BE CLEAR who we celebrate.

    I agree that to celebrate an Autumn festival at the same time of Halloween, clouds the focus. It’s not clear. So lets just be CLEAR who and what we are celebrating, not vague in any way, and lets hear testimonies of transformation, The Gospel of Jesus Christ – preached, and lets know who and what we are celebrating.

    I do get it why some churches handle it the way they do though, as it does become strategic to get community people over to this and the goal is to get them into the church to hear the gospel and bible studies etc. It is strategic, but in the process of celebrating the way they do, and knowing that not all who come to these Halloween/Autumn celebrations will ever step foot into a church or bible study, the message of who and what is being celebrated is clouded at best.

    As you said Beth, it is a hard struggle for parents today, but DON’T STOP CELEBRATING, just celebrate = clearly – for Jesus.

  • Shrinking Dragons

    I appreciate this post a lot because I have been struggling about what to do regarding Halloween. I never feel comfortable around that time of year, but I do dress up or participate in harvest festivals, trick-or-treating with kids, because that is just the culture and it seems like an innocent alternative to the dark things we could be doing instead.

    I do think that Christians do what they do out of ignorance, but your blog helped me see that is still is not right, even when it’s done out of ignorance. I clicked on the link you shared – with the video from the man who witnessed that child being killed on Halloween. I probably shouldn’t have watched the whole thing, but my view of Halloween and whether we, as Christians, should celebrate it in any way, shape or form, has now shifted. I had been asking God questions about it these past few weeks, and your blog is the answer to that prayer.

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate it. It can be unbelievably lonely to stand apart from the world and not celebrate Halloween. I just thank God so much for helping me. I pray blessing over you friend, in Jesus name.

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Hi Kimberly:)
      I understand how hard it is to stop participating in a tradition like that. My children were all accustomed to celebrating halloween and loved it. For us halloween wasn’t a night, but a season of celebration. It was difficult to tell the children. It took time and love and patience to explain it to them. Ultimately it will be for their benefit to reach them not to conform to the world. There are many things in the world that are not good for us, and we need to learn to resist temptation, and stand firm. Especially for our Lord. When they are young it’s easier. If they love Jesus its easier. Every year it gets easier. God will give you strength to be firm in your convictions.

  • Kimberley

    Thank you Beth for your blog and the truth you speak. I embrace it and so want to align my life to this. However it is hard to turn from it because it is so everywhere.

    Ephesians 6 says it all: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.