My Salvation

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I hope you have had an amazing summer! I am so thankful for the wonderful break from ministry and all God has done in me. I will happily resume my regularly scheduled posting next Monday! I love you all



  • Natalie

    The Lord gave me that same verse from Exodus, yesterday and today! Thank YOU, LORD, for Your Presence and REST!

  • Michel Deslauriers

    Hi Beth my dear sister in Jesus Christ,
    Thanks to you with all my heart for your powerful love in action for his name and also for helping so much with your truly blessed and inspired videos on your blog.
    I was deeply touched by the Holy Spirit yesterday online when I listened to your testimony on youtube. From now on I will pray for you so that our precious father and the Lord Jesus Christ himself with his Resurrection power will guide you and love you and support you every day of this temporary life we have here on earth.
    My name is Michel from Montreal Quebec Canada( same as Michael in french) I am a Christian and recently shifted my life 100% to live according to his Will. I pray that you and your husband and your family will be blessed more and more everyday.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful smile that comes from nothing else than the Holy spirit. I am going to watch one by one all your videos and praise our lord and be inspired to love him and to know him better.
    This verse from Mark 12:24 touch me deeply recently, it says in my own words: no wonder we are drifting because we don’t know the word of God and also don’t know his Power. So my prayer is that you and your family and I and all Christians we wake up and get to know his Word and by the same token his power.
    Thanks again Beth and be blessed,

  • Barbara Hall

    I’m so glad you took a break Beth! That is so wise for all of us to do! Even on a daily basis we must find our place of rest in Him.
    I so appreciate your ministry.
    Love you back,
    Barbara Hall

  • Gail Aberman

    God bless you Beth for all you have allowed the Lord to do through you . You are a blessing and a help to many!!! I am glad you had that time this summer you needed! I am glad you are doing well. Your posts are needed! I am busier now doing ministry and read your posts as much as possible. Having a labor day to help at church for emergency needs from the aftermath of Harvey but I will rejoice to be able to be with others helping today! In His service with love and joy! ?????????Rachel-Leah!