Happy Thanksgiving!

                                                                               Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I will see you back next week with a new post! In the meantime, here is an older post for you to read. I love you all!


  • Tom

    Good day, I am thankful to YHVH for you. You have such courage to come forward and tell your story. I’m proud of you and thank GOD, that people can go through the most terifying ordeals and still be saved. My life story is not even close to your experience – but, none the less, it has some similarities. I’d be thankful if you could guide me in a direction to someone or others that I could talk with that understand evil oppression. I gave my heart to Jesus as a child and will never lose my Faith. I just hope I could find someone to talk with concerning these spiritual issues. Once again, I thank YHVH for you, your courage and honesty. I will pray that when all things are set right I will be able to meet you. With much Love, Tom.

      • Tom

        Ty for taking the time to respond. I will be praying and asking the Holy Spirit for guidanice as per your response. I was hoping to find some people within the area where I live. I’d rather it be face to face than something like Skype. None the less may the true GOD Bless you and protect you and thank you for being so courageous.