Living In Darkness

House Hurdles

Here we were, in the middle of a sticky situation. We had worked for almost a year to get our credit to where it needed to be to get a loan and had now found the house of our dreams. One problem – our lender was now telling us we could not get the loan, but with some tricks she knew of she could get our credit to jump the few points it needed to get the loan. Of course we had no idea what we were doing and were just plain confused. What about the house we were about to buy?? The lender tells us don’t worry, we can just have him wait a month while we work on our credit. A month? Are you kidding me?

Somehow the seller went for it and waited for us and took the house off the market. And he did the same thing the next month, and the next month, and the next month. Yes, that’s right, four months this man waited for our credit to raise the few points it needed to, with our realtors assurance that all would be fine. He needed to sell the house because he was moving out of the country. houseWell our credit did not raise to where it needed to go. And we had to go for a loan that was not as good, which was very stressful. As a matter of fact those four months were more stressful than anything I could think of. I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I had no idea if we were going to get the house, and in the meantime my husbands oldest son moved back in with us. We were living in a tiny three bedroom, one bathroom house with 7 people. And our next door neighbor hated us with a passion.

My mind was spinning out of control, my stress level made everything in my life beyond comprehension, and I started to feel depression that made me want to end it all, again. In the end we did get a loan for the house, but it made our mortgage much higher than we wanted. We were living in constant fear and anxiety. We told the lender when we wanted to give our notice to move from our rental, and she said ok. But when the date approached to move, she told us we could not. The paperwork for the loan was not done and she didn’t know when it would be, but soon.

Just when I thought things could not get worse, we were about to be homeless. We tried over and over again to contact the owner of our rental to ask for an extension. He refused to talk to us and through the rental agency he let us know he had already sold the house and we needed to get out. Now. It was all so much more than I could bear. I was freaking out and screaming at the lender on the phone, because now we were getting kicked out of our home.

Yet somehow we got another week to stay in the house. And even then when the papers weren’t ready, we were able to move into our new home. We signed the papers two days after we moved in. The nightmare wasn’t over yet though. We had spent all the money we had moving in and then found out there was another fee that needed to be paid. We didn’t have the money, but our realtor came to the rescue and paid it! And that first night we moved in we found out that we had no lights. Not unless the stove was on. Someone had tried to steal something off our circuit breaker, and so the power would not work right. Another added cost to buy the stolen part and we didn’t have the money. And our realtor gave us the money to buy the part.

It was all like some sort of miracle that got us into the house and rescued us over and over again. It was almost like there was a guardian angel watching over us. Not that I thought about it like that at the time. I was so overwhelmed by all the whirlwind of events that I could barely make it through the day. So when the dust finally settled I was just thankful that we had the house and things were quieting down. I didn’t think about why things happened the way they did and how amazing the situation really was. Of course with hind sight I can clearly see the hand of God hovering over this whole mess, and guiding us right to where He wanted us to be. And now that He had us where He wanted, it was time to put things into action.

What a wild ride my life had been so far! But that was nothing – It was about to get really wild!