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Human Spirits and Astral Travel

human spiritsAs I write this it is October 31st, or more commonly known as Halloween. I am sitting in my room to type this post out at 8:30 pm as my husband puts the kids to bed. The window is open and all I can hear are screams of children and roars of an adult man who is scaring them. There is also the clamor of children as they rush from house to house looking for a sweet handout. At dusk our neighbors all began to set up their decorations – a grave yard with bones, giant ghosts and bats, rows of skulls, a life-size zombie and more. Just horrible to see out my window. There is a peace that has settled over my house finally, Praise the Lord.

I saw this because less than an hour ago our house was in chaos, being attacked by spiritual darkness. What does spiritual attack look like in our house? Well I am married to a wonderful Godly man, and we have four sons. Two elementary age and two teens. It started just after dusk as the Halloween decorations were up and the children began their descent into our neighborhood. We do family Bible study after dinner at the table. My two younger children began acting out – not to abnormal in itself – but their behavior began to escalate. They began to refuse to listen to anything my husband or I said and became completely defiant. Then they began to act completely wild and out of control, running around, screaming, hurting each other and more. I began to feel this unexplainable feeling of fear and sadness wash over me. One of my teens started yelling at the younger kids and getting mad at me. My husband was trying to get things under control as I began to pray against witch craft.

You see as I have been sharing my testimony and standing up against Halloween the spiritual attack has been at an all time high. Satan does not want me to share my testimony, because it shows the mighty power of Jesus to save, even someone who was in the grips of Satan himself. And with my experience on Halloween as a witch, I am able to expose the truth that Halloween is a satanic holy day and shine a light onto it for the whole world to see. Many countries have been on my blog since God has elevated it for His purposes! He is bringing healing and truth to many because I have been obedient. It is not easy to put myself and my life out there for the whole world to see. Yet I do it for my King. He is Worthy!

Or ever the silver cord be loosed…Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it

Ecclesiastes 12:6-7

If you listen to my radio interview on ‘The Healing Light!’ you will not only hear my testimony, but also something really interesting that Stan told me about. He told me of another guest who can see into the spirit realm. This is a wonderful gift that God gives some as a part of discerning the spirits. He said that on Halloween night he looked up and saw hundreds of strings stretched out across the sky. These are the silver cords of human spirits. Don’t be confused by the term human spirits – it is not actually a humans spirit, but their soul. The silver cord is what connects our soul to our physical bodies and looks like a thin white/silver umbilical like cord. It is like a lifeline to the human body, and if it is cut then the person dies.

Why did the man state he saw so many silver cords in the sky that Halloween night? Because Halloween is a holy night for witches and Satanists. They do many rituals and in these rituals they do astral travel or astral projection with their human spirits. These human spirits leave their physical bodies and travel to set destinations to harass people and cause general chaos and wreak havoc. Human spirits can gather information by listening and watching people who are unaware they are there. This information can be used for further attack in the spiritual realm. Human spirits also like to harass people while they are sleeping and vulnerable. You may experience the attack like a bad dream and never be the wiser.

How can these human spirits leave their bodies and travel like this? With the power of the demonic they are able to do so. I have heard demons carry them to their destination and then back to their bodies. Their bodies are now open for demons to come in and do as they please to them, possessing them or even do things to them physically. They can also allow other human spirits who can come into their body because they are basically absent and an open door to all kinds of evil, being completely unprotected.While astral traveling, human spirits are in danger of meeting demons and other human spirits who can cause them harm. They are also in danger of having their silver cord cut, which means death.

What can human spirits do while astral traveling? They can cause distress, torment, chaos, depression and sadness. They also might cause animals to act rather strangely, as animals can sense them. As humans they are under the law of free will, and we have no authority over them. Only God has authority over human spirits, so when we are under attack from human spirits, we must ask God to send angels to come and escort them away. Tonight as we were under great spiritual attack I was praying in the Spirit. God revealed to me that the attack was coming from an army of human spirits that were trying to storm our home. As I share my testimony and preach against Halloween, I am going up against Satan himself and his high holy night. So of course he has his obedient followers ready and willing to come after me on a night where they feel their power is strongest. Human spirits were not just coming to attack me and my family, but whoever else the devil has his sights on. You can be sure if you stand up for the Truth, the devil will try to knock you down. Hard.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Ephesians 6:12

This attack went on for about an hour. I prayed against witchcraft as my husband prayed against the attacks. I prayed for God to send angels to remove human spirits before I even realized what was happening. I sent a text out to some friends and asked for prayer. The sadness and despair washed over me and I was being spent into a memory of being abused. My husband tried to pray over me and pray over the children and try to get them under control. It was pure chaos everywhere. I was scared and Satan had me right where I was weakest. Thank God for the mercy saints of Jesus Christ and their prayers. I put a post up on Facebook and had so many brothers and sisters praying for us I was in awe. Within 20 minutes the children were calm and drawing and my teen son who had been trying to get me to turn off praise music and stop praying was playing his guitar.

I cannot express enough thanks to our God and Lord Jesus Christ for the many miracles He has performed in my life. I urge every single person to always reach out in prayer in times of need and never be afraid to ask. We are bonded together as a family and need to stand firm in prayer together! When you are under heavy attack it may not look at all like what it looks like in my house. Satan hits each individual right where it hurts them most. We need to be vigilant to learn the attacks of the enemy and how to fight them. We need to always be aware because the devil is a prowling lion looking to devour. He has so many devices to come against us and we are very ignorant of many of them.

As I was praying in the Spirit during this attack God revealed to me a picture. I saw the outside of our home and many strings coming down towards it. But I saw a bubble around our house, and all the strings just bounced right off! The strings were the silver cords of all the human spirits coming to attack us. But our Lord gave us a hedge of protection to keep all these human spirits out of our house! I just know that the prayers of the saints helped to make this happen. As scripture says, when two or three are gathered together in my name, I will be there in the midst of them. Satan is very angry with me because of the strength of my testimony and he has many witches to do his bidding. Many of them may not even know what they are doing, because when you practice witchcraft you are harnessing the power of evil as you allow demons to enter you. Yet so many witches have no idea they are doing this, because they have a sincere belief they are not doing any harm to anyone. However, when you practice witchcraft you are giving your life over to the devil, whether you know it or not. It is very sad and we need to pray for these lost souls.

There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer  or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead,  for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord.

Deuteronomy 18:10-12a

Astral travel is more common than you might think. It is not just something relegated to witches, but also for those who practice New Age religion. When I was a witch I was also very into the New Age practices as well. During that time I would do rituals that I learned from Jewish Mysticism or Kabbalah. Do not be fooled by the fact that this sounds related to Judaism it is not. It is pure witchcraft. As you practice this ritual you are actually doing astral travelling. Except when I was doing it I had no idea what I was doing. I was leaving my body and completely unaware of it! I was so fooled and naive just throwing myself into whatever looked good at the moment, yet I was completely deceived. There are many others who just as I did, are being tricked into the lies of the New Age Movement and witch craft. There are even books out right now that “guide” people on how to do astral travel safely! The devil is a huge liar and we need to always be in God’s Word so we can learn how to have discernment about what is right and true. Believe me, even Christians are being sucked into these lies.

heavenPlease do not get astral travel confused with spirit travel that is ordained by God. These human spirits are out for either a joy ride to experience higher planes of existence and spirituality or they are out to purposefully wreak havoc on unsuspecting humans. There are legitimate stories of people who have gone to heaven or been in the throne room of God, just as John did in Revelation. He had an out-of-body experience that was different from human spirits traveling through astral travel. The Apostle Paul also had a similar experience that he talks about in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4. These experiences are of God, and not human souls leaving their bodies by choice, but their actual spirits going to what Paul calls the Third Heaven, where God is.

Spiritual warfare is a very real part of a Christians life. You cannot back down from standing for the truth or being set apart in the name of Jesus Christ. The devil will always be seeking to destroy you, and if he isn’t, then I would be very worried about what you are not doing for the Kingdom of God. How can you know that it is human spirits that are attacking you? It is hard to explain what it feels like when human spirits are around. For me I have gotten used to the feeling of the presence of human spirits, and so I know when to ask the Lord to send angels to remove them. I would say if you notice distension, discord, chaos and a feeling of being really unsettled (or like you want to crawl out of your skin), disturbed or have wild emotional swings, it may very well be human spirits. As I learn more about it I will continue to share, because I feel it is very important for us to be aware of the different ways the devil seeks to attack us. Human spirits are as real as demons attacking us.

Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

Luke 10:19-20


  • Yuri

    Very interesting!I’ve been thinking in recent times on that verse in Eccl.12:6 regarding a spiritual analysis I’m conducting on a Testimony of someone who is referred to by some as being a modern day prophet. His name is Henry Gruver. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him Beth, but he tells of a very powerful story entitled Six Hours In Heaven. The part that ties in with your experiences and this article is where he said that he died and went to Heaven. What makes his story so compelling is that the paramatics were at the scene of the accident and recorded his bodily functions or lack thereof.

    Anyway,I’m sure you are aware of many NDE online now. I agree with what you said about when a person dies that’s it! And your teaching on the fact that Christians are forbidden to consult with supposed spirits of the dead.But from what you are saying here, which, according to Eccl.12 there is another spiritual condition in which people can have out of body experiences either through God or demons and it can appear, at least in some cases, a death or deep sleep, but in actuality it can be a NDE. For example when Daniel in Dan.10:8,9 said that he retained no strength and was in a deep sleep upon his face. I wonder if someone can, through the grace of God, have a NDE while it appears to the doctor to be a clinical death. But the silver cord is not broken, so one may appear to be dead but not be dead. I’m sure that you have false NDE and/or were people died and some say that they have come back from the dead and told this and did this other thing. For Satan is told of in 2These. 2:9 of coming with great signs and lying wonders. For this reason I think it is good to see you exposing the practice of nacromancy (speaking with the spirits of the dead) for what it really is….witchcraft! And we as Christians should have nothing to do with it. Which leads me my next question. What is the wages of sin? The question may sound elementary but I think we as Christians have missed something here? Thanking you for your time and effort in this regard. Shalom In Yahshua!

  • cornelius hood

    Greatful for you
    testimony and it
    Should be published
    into a book. I was
    By insecurity and
    curiosity in the
    porn trap even
    as a married Christian.
    Now that i am free
    the battle rages on
    but now i know that
    because Jesus won
    The victory we too
    have victory over
    the enemy control
    over our lives will
    and our emotions.
    It feels so good
    to be free in Christ.
    Thank you for your

  • M. Concepcion

    Thank you so much for posting this I suffer from night sleep paralysis and I was having a hard time explaining what was happening to me.

  • fanny

    Thanks for sharing, thank you for exposing the witchcraft. it is mutch needed currently when ‘Wicca’ is being spreading. Myself I was a christian but not very practicing and not reading the bible. I was a huge fan of astrology and saw no harm to combine it with christianity.I was not an astrologer but regularly asked for personal forecasts mainly via internet, many were very accurate. One day I discovered it was all evil and saw what harm it had made in my past relationships. When I saw it was strictly forbidden in Deuteronomy I was in shock!from that moment on I begun to read the bible in such a way that Bible became my guide in life. I begun to expose astrology around me,to warn my friends who are fans of it,also tarot, whitchcraft etc. I have tough discussions with wiccans on youtube.On some christian videos, some wiccans come and say it’s bullshit and I try to show them how delusional wicca is. and I almost convince some or make them think on matters they never thought of(for example how barbaric pagan druids were, what actually says jesus abt some subjects) because I saw many of them are just unaware of certain things. but sometimes I feel like being attacked,just like you described. Recently my fiancé experienced what seems to be a sleep paralysis : he was awake but could not move for several minutes. the very next morning we had a strong argument coming out of nowhere and we almost broke up. he is usually sweet but there he became so cold and insensitive.For me this is no coincidence it’s hard to describe. And I realized that if I attack the territory of the Devil, I must pray harder because he will attack me to silence that period it happened I was in discussion for some days via email with a wiccan trying to show her how she is wrong. I must admit that since then I don’t dare to speak too much because I feel I am not protected enough.I am newly christian and don’t belong to any strong prayer group. I don’t know who I am talking to(just a fake name on youtube) and what they are involved with in Wicca. I need some prayers to be strengthened so that I don’t give up the fight

  • christine dymek

    Beth this is excellent, and so very well articulated – VERY WELL DONE ! I always love when something is put into perspective and this is one of the very best I have seen yo write. You did add a much-needed perspective, the contrast of biblical situations where a sort of “out-of-body” experience happened, but as you also put into perspective, these were with God and for the purpose of being with God. This a totally different focus and purpose. The focus of controlling another’s life as astro projection is all about, is no match to those who are in God’s very presence.

    Thank you for enlightening those who need this information desperately, and those as believers especially ignorant and oblivious to this entire realm.

    For myself, and I would hop this for every believer, I do not call on God’s angels to come ans assist. I suppose this would be one way of protection. God has so sensitized my own human Spirit as “one with Him” and to a place of serious empowerment as I have spend decades now in His Presence – daily, that in a moment I wake up as happened recently when I exposed a website about angels and it’s author who is a witch, before any foothold happens.

    Yes, I fully understand “astro projection”, it has happened to me many times over in my life as a growing Christian, and there were times where the foot hold took place and a seriously horrible dream often concerning the harm of my children woke me up, disturbing me in a very deep way. But that was when I was not so empowered as i am now to wake up before the foothold even happens, and that witch in my face recently – a very real evil presence, a human spirity as I was most aware, left and never bothered me again. I am about ready to expose other websites soon, and I am certain I will be experiencing just this, however, when they mess with me, they soon know they are messing with something way beyond them a power they cannot match. Yes, this is what I do, and they are often seriously confounded, and the “fear of God” comes upon them with trembling and fear when they get in my face.

    Blessings to you, and I always praise God for His heavenly hosts as well.

  • Helen

    Dear Beth, thank you for posting this. I think that many can relate to similar episodes…
    It’s very important to know that we can have two different unwanted ‘visitors’, some from the
    Spiritual realm and others that are human in astral travels. Therefore, we need to learn to deal with them in different ways. It is also very important that ypu mentioned that there is a type of ‘good’ travel when you go to the sacred realm of angels. By the way, is there a way to clarify if the entity you see is good or bad? Is it by asking to say together a prayer to Jesus? That is, provided that it’s true that those entities -both, human or not- cannot really even pronounce the name of Jesus.
    Looking forward to hear your opinion and advice,

  • Felica

    Hello Beth,

    Thank you for the insight.
    I had such a situation last week. I struggled with emotions and feelings that I could not understand where its coming from. It was more of a sexual nature and I felt so guilty that I had to repent just because I was feeling it. I realized later in the week that this is not me and immediately rebuked the feelings and emotions. It literally felt as if the whole atmosphere in my room was filled with perversion. After I rebuked the spirit it left. Then my mind went clear and I realized that it was a spirit attack. I feel so silly that I took so long to realize what was happening. But I thank God for bringing me out of such a situation.

  • Debra

    Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us because people in general need to sharpen their minds and spiritual swords against the enemy that lurks in the unseen realm around us.
    God protect and bless you and your family always!!