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New Creation In Christ

new creationWe are new creations in Christ and our life belongs to Christ. When we chose Jesus we chose to walk away from our identity as Pharaoh’s child and Egypt’s treasures. We chose instead to suffer with God’s people because we knew we were looking towards a greater reward: the rewards of eternal life in heaven.

For now, we are here on assignment as heavens ambassadors; called to be set apart for the sake of the gospel message. Our lives are consecrated and dedicated unto the Lord; a pleasing aroma to Him. He does not see us for our faults or wrongdoings, but instead as His dearly beloved children who were worth the price of His blood.

He thought it was better to suffer for the sake of Christ than to own the treasures of Egypt, for he was looking ahead to his great reward.

Hebrews 11:26

We are walking in the path already carved out by the founding fathers of our faith. Men and women who were too good for this earth but chose to remain here because of God’s promises to them. Men and women who were severely persecuted because of their faith, but who did not ever give up on God.

That faith is what has brought us to where we are now: a foundation not built on idols but on truth. A foundation laid by men and women of sacrifice, courage, and honor, who gave up everything to follow Christ. And just like our founding fathers, we are standing on the righteousness of God’s promises in the midst of persecution. If you are a human, you are being persecuted.

Our enemy is not of flesh and blood, but it is of spirit and his name is Lucifer. He seeks to devour all life, because life is a gift from God, and the devil hates us for it. He hates the blessings and love the Father pours out in this world and he wants revenge for all he should have has but given up. We need to change our mindset to remember we are at war daily. The world tries to suck us into to an alternate reality where the spiritual realm has lost its focus, so the devil can get a foothold. But it’s time to say no more. Not today Satan.

We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.

2 Corinthians 5:20 

strength in christWe are only here for a short time, but that time here is for a purpose. Our lives have purpose and meaning. We are all special because a loving Father chose for us to be here. So each day must be its own day dedicated and set apart for the Lord, and when we fall short we know even that will glorify the Lord. He is good. He is ever loving and kind. You are safe to give your life over to Him. Every person that has ever mistreated you or hurt you was not a design of God but a plan of persecution from the devil.

We are warriors in a foreign land, and it’s time to live like one.

By faith these people overthrew kingdoms, ruled with justice, and received what God had promised them. They shut the mouths of lions,  quenched the flames of fire, and escaped death by the edge of the sword. Their weakness was turned to strength. They became strong in battle and put whole armies to flight.

Hebrews 11:33-34


  • Molins

    Hi Beth,
    Glory to Jesus.
    Wish you a very blessed new year.
    Thanks for your words it really anchorages and helps me.
    God bless you and your family.

  • Dione Meades

    Dear Beth please explain what sleep paralysis is and why it happens? Is it a spiritual attack?
    Thank you so much.

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Hi Dione,
      I don’t have a lot of experience with sleep paralysis, so I contacted the deliverance ministry I partner with. From what I am told it is demonic, and if the demonic can affect us at a physical level then those demonic have a right to do so. Things such as sleep paralysis can be quite frightening, especially when we have no idea what the reason is. I know I have experienced an attack on my body and the fear of it was debilitating. The good news is that no matter what rights the demonic may have, with help and understanding from Jesus, those rights can be easily broken off. We do not have to fear what the devil can do when we submit these things to Jesus to allow Him to free us. I would suggest a deliverance with the ministry I partner with because they are breaking new ground in the areas of deliverance. I have been working with them for 3 years now, and I cannot recommend them enough.

  • Joy Wendt

    Now that my children and grown and gone. And I am alone, I can devote the rest of my life fully to Christ to be an ambassador for him. I just only recently discovered your videos. I have watched a few and gleaned some good information. I found your videos during a time when I am devoting myself to prayer and seeking God. Thank you for your heart and ministry for Jesus.

  • Brian Persaud (Bronx, NY)

    Beth, welcome back !! You were missed. I had just started following you and then I saw you were taking a Sabbatical and was bummed out – every once in a while I would check my feed from Youtube to see if you posted. SO I AM SO GLAD yo have you back!

    God has used you to encourage and inspire others in way you probably can only imagine!!

  • Dione Meades

    Thank you Beth, always so encouraging having you share your nuggets of truth – I look forward to your blog posts! Lots of love


    Loved your post! Happy and blessed we are to be called His children! Looking forward to more of your encouraging posts for 2019

  • Amanda Stein

    So happy to hear from you Beth!! Encouraging words, can’t wait to see what you bring to the family in 2019. Thanks Sis!

  • Karen sales

    Hi Beth good to see a post! Hope you are able to share more as led by the Lord. Blessings dear Daughter of the King