Healing,  My Salvation

A Psalm of Worship

Rejoice! All the earth, for the Lord of Hosts, draws near!

He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

There is no one in all the earth like my God!

My soul draws nigh to Him in jubilant exaltation!

How I long to be near the Living God.

He is my hope, my freedom, and my salvation;

the light of my life.


I have seen the depths of decay and despair, I have touched the hem of deaths garments.

I have borne witness to terror and known keenly the mind of fractured disarray;

but my God never abandoned me.

No not for one second.


My Lord has always been there for me; my constant in a storm of hopelessness.

His goodness and kindness have never left my side, awaiting the day when I would finally be free to say ‘I do’.

There is no one else on this earth who could ever compare to My Lord. 


No one that could forgive sins as great and unfathomable as mine; and no one that would even try.

For sin had me in his grips, and I was sure he would win. I was sure I was hell bound; a deplorable monster and perpetually wicked.

With love, My Lord wrapped His arms around me and told me of His undying love.

He assured me that I was wanted and precious to Him; He had a spot reserved for me in His home.

How could such a merciful God exist?


The One who created all the heavens and the earth, and counts every star in the sky; He knows my name.

Oh! how I had given up all hope to believe I was too evil for this world! How I had despaired of ever knowing love.

Yet here I am, abounding in fervent hope and unyielding joy that I was lost, but now I am found!


I have been grafted into a new family, with a Father who would die to save my life.

I have been given a second chance at a new life, a life I never thought I could have,

and I owe it all to my Lord. 

The most wonderful, beautiful, kind, wise, loving, gentle, merciful Father a daughter could ever ask for.

I am His, and He is mine.


Praise be to the One I owe all my life to, praise His holy name.

I will exalt Him forever, I will lift His name on high all my days,

for without His love, I would be as good as dead.