Inner Healing

I have talked a lot about my journey of inner healing over the past year and a half. I believe inner healing is very important in the life of every person, no matter who you are. This page is a resource to understand more about what inner healing is, and how it works.

Inner healing is a type of healing for our soul. Throughout life we go through many painful events and traumas, which we never recover from. We hold onto these pains deep in our souls, and it affects every aspect of our lives, from emotional to behavioral, and everything in between. The purpose of inner healing is to allow a trained and qualified individual be a facilitator between us and Jesus Christ, to allow Him to bring deep healing into our souls.

Inner healing is like a type of counseling, except that it is completely Holy Spirit led. The facilitator is there to help ensure that the session is led by the Holy Spirit, and goes only where He guides it. The facilitator should be equipped with many types of prayer and tools to help break strongholds, etc. If you are a ritual abuse survivor, you should only see someone who has been trained in that area.

An inner healing session typically lasts for 1.5-2 hours, and will probably go on once every week or two, for as long as necessary. Again, the Holy Spirit needs to be the one to determine all of this. Without the Holy Spirit, we may push ourselves much farther than we are ready to go, causing damage instead of healing.

Inner healing should generally come after an in depth deliverance session. It is very important you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in every area of healing. The Holy Spirit knows when you need healing, and who you should have help you. Many people have been led astray as they have gone off looking for healing on their own terms. There are wolves out their who will gladly pray for you and help you, but are only leading you deeper into the abyss. A good intercessor or sozo minister will have extensive training, and have undergone their own inner healing.

Our Father is faithful and loving. He wants nothing more than to bring you healing and freedom. You may need to spend time strengthening yourself to get to this place however. Without a firm foundation under your feet, it may be too much for you to go into deep places of healing. God had to bring me to a place of enough strength so that when I went into deep places of pain, I could come out and still have hope and know who God is.

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