Warfare Prayers

prayerPrayer is an important part of warfare against the enemy. When we begin to recognize we are in a war, we can begin to learn how to fight back. However, we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the powers of the Kingdom of Darkness and the forces of hell. God does not want us to live in fear, but to walk in truth and love. Love is the ultimate weapon against fear and hate and can bring us into alignment with the will of God for our lives. When we begin to love those who would seek to hurt us, we can actually begin to bring them into God’s purpose for them and out of the Kingdom of Darkness.

When we are in war sometimes we are overwhelmed by the difficulty and pain of it. Having prayers at the ready can help us to pray when our minds are unable to. Here I have given you a few of the prayers I have written in order to help me fight in times of war. I am pleased to share them with you, and I hope that you are blessed by them. Anyone can write their own prayers if they seek the Lord and ask Him what to pray. I hope that as you grow closer to the Lord and learn to fight, you can write some of your own powerful prayers.

Prayer Of Authority Over Spiritual Attack

Prayer To Break Curses

Prayer To Bind Witchcraft Attack

Prayer To Be Lifted Above The War