My Salvation,  Who Is Jesus?

Savior of Mine

Jesus is Savior. I think it is hard for many people to think they need a savior. It is easy to just live day-to-day and deal with our problems the best we can. We keep our heads down and just keep moving forward, one step at a time. We know that often we fail when we try to solve all of life’s problems on our own, but isn’t that just the way life is? I know I for one do not like to ask for help, and I am guessing I am not alone in this. Maybe it’s a pride thing, maybe not. Whatever it is, we just don’t see much talk about having a savior in this world.

heroWe do love hero’s however. There is nothing like a good hero. They come in all shapes and sizes – super hero’s, every day hero’s, working class hero’, white night’s, rescuers. They are plentiful in movies, TV, and books. There is just something about a hero that moves us and sparks something deep within us. A joy and a satisfaction. It is just so right and honest and we love nothing more than to cheer for a hero. But a hero is a savior of a different sort.

Yet we often do not see our own need for a savior. Maybe we don’t even know it is an option for us. I know there were many times in my life that I knew I needed to be rescued. I was often lost, out of control, or just really messed up. I struggled with drug addiction and depression. Many times I cried out in desperation and despair, but I didn’t know who or what I was crying out to. I just knew I needed help, but help never seemed to come.

It wasn’t until I started going to church did I realize that it was totally normal and OK to be messed up. Not only that, but that there was help out there for me, a savior, that could bring me out of my darkness. I never liked to word ‘sin’ when I was younger. It was something that made me feel like I was a bad person and I didn’t like it. But what I learned is that sin is not a bad word, it is just the truth. We all live in a fallen world because of sin. We are all sinners because of original sin. That does not make us bad people, or mean there is something wrong with us. As a matter of fact it is a wonderful thing to come to terms with this, because it is in this acceptance we come to find our true identity.

You see you were created as not just an individual, but as a part to a whole. You have a body, soul and spirit, but to be complete there is one more piece to you that is vital. God. I am not talking about just any god, but God the Father and Creator of the heavens and earth. God is spirit, and He made you to be a part of Him. His love for you is greater than anything you could ever know. But there is only one way for us to get to God, and that is through Jesus Christ.

The story of Jesus can be very complex and difficult to understand. He is a man, but He is God. He came down from heaven and became a tiny and helpless baby. He lived an ordinary life for 30 years; a humble existence not fit for any god. He then died a criminal’s death – beaten and tortured, then nailed to a cross and left to die. He hung naked in front of stranger’s who laughed at Him and spit on Him and gambled for His clothes. He suffered like you or I in a human existence. I dare to say He suffered even more than many of us ever have. savior

That is what makes Him so special. That is what makes Him our savior. He was willing to leave all His glory behind to come down to earth and live like us. He left behind heaven where angels would sing His praises so He could die for you. And for me. Why would anyone or any god ever do something like that? Why? All for love, and for nothing more.

When Jesus died on that cross that day, He did it by His own choice. No one forced Him to do it. He worked miracles such as bringing the dead back to life and walking on water. He had all the power to stop Himself from being arrested and murdered, but He did not. Because Jesus was willing to pay the ultimate price to save us from ourselves. From our sin, from our pain, from our death.

I know this might sound crazy to some. After all, who do you know that would be willing to give up everything for you? It’s like a millionaire who gives you every last penny they have. Or a stranger who pays your very large fine in a court case. That’s God. That is your savior. He loves you passionately, fiercely, desperately. You may not be able to imagine that depth of love, but it is there, and it is real. Jesus has all the power and authority to free you from the slavery of your sin nature, and turn you into a new creation.