redemptive power
Healing,  My Salvation,  Satanic Ritual Abuse

Surrendering To God’s Redemptive Power

redemptive powerOver the years Jesus has done miraculous healing after miraculous healing in my life. I have seen redemption in so many ways, and recently I have been so thankful for how undeniable redemption has become.

For years I believed I would never again be able to step into a church because the occult loyal alters in me would always reach out to the occult power in the church. Most churches seem to have a hidden coven within them, and attending church seemed to just fuel the darkness within me.

Church after church I attended felt like torment as I was drawn into astral rituals or invited to join covens so I just stopped trying with the intent to never try again. However, I was completely limiting God’s redemptive power over my life.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21

About four months ago my husband decided it was time to go back to church, and so we began going to a local church. I was very leery about going to church and even more leery about being around people. I had been so isolated for years, that I didn’t think I could even interact with people again.

At first, we did have a few bad experiences but I felt that Holy Spirit confirm to me that this was where He had a place for us. So I just put myself in check to be obedient to my husband, with no complaining or arguing. I tried to look for the positive and not focus on the negative because the church held beliefs contrary to ours and some of their views are quite condemning.

It felt so freeing to go into a church and worship with God’s people and to trust in the Lord to protect me. I never once felt tormented by rituals, although I did encounter some problems with my occult loyal alters trying to take me down.

But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

It is a beautiful thing to be a part of the body. To be among God’s people, praising Him, praying for each other, standing together in faith! Oh, how wonderful to know that I no longer have to be an interface for the antichrist but instead can be an interface for the Spirit of the Living God! I never thought I could be a part of His body, but I can be and I am so thankful to Him for it.

Unfortunately, Satan does not want to see my redemption. He is most certainly a lion on the prowl looking to devour and this past week he sought to devour me, yet he did not win. I was thrown into the lion’s den and I came out unharmed because Jesus my advocate was with me.

You see, Satan sees me as his adversary. He underestimated me and my desire to surrender completely to Christ when he first began to use mind control programming and torture to fragment my mind years ago. As I have surrendered my life to Christ, I am surrendering the darkness in me to Him so that He can overthrow Satan’s kingdom permanently. There is nothing Satan can do to defeat us if we surrender it all to Jesus.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2

This past week the church we became members of decided to viciously attack me because I stand for the voiceless in the church. I shared a Derek Prince Biblical proclamation with a small group and the hidden coven within this church was so threatened that they devised a plan to come against me to try to reprogram me, but it didn’t work.

Oh, I had a week in hell. Programming was triggered and trauma was so stirred up I started going to a pretty bad place. I was full of anger and rage at being persecuted, but I continued to submit and pray for God’s will, not my own. I prayed continuously that whatever strong emotions, or even witchcraft I was doing, that God’s will would prevail and my will would have no way to determine any outcome.

I was desperate to be free of the inner torment I felt, but what I found out was the torment was coming from a connection to a high-ranking entity that has had a great level of control over me for most of my life. So even though it felt like hell to be persecuted by the church, it set me free. It led me to truth, which healed occult loyal alters, and exposed other alters who can now step into freedom.

And you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

Matthew 10:22

My husband was praying for discernment in the next step of how to proceed with the problem we had with low-ranking church leadership. He decided to escalate it to higher-up church officials before we decided to exit. We wanted to handle to matter according to how God has asked us to before leaving this church, even though we need the most likely outcome was more persecution.

So together we stepped in front of the firing squad in the pastor’s office where no less than three pastors sat in a tribunal before us to condemn us. Of course, they told us they weren’t there to judge or condemn us and they viciously tried to confront me for what I talk about on my Youtube channel.

I had no idea the pastors had been conspiring against us by researching me so they could gather together ammunition to attack me and was completely unprepared. Yet the Holy Spirit was with me, He opened my mouth and gave the pastors the rebuke they deserved. He did not let me fall under their spell to reprogram me or submit to their false authority to silence me. He spoke for me and gave me sound words to defend myself and I was vindicated because of Jesus.

For the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory.

Deuteronomy 20:4

I never thought I would be in such a position to have to defend myself against church leaders for simply telling my story. I have gone through much persecution in my life because I have been willing to stand up and speak the truth or advocate for the voiceless and it’s incredibly hard. But it’s also an honor that Jesus has chosen me and even though I felt like I was going to die because of it, I am thankful for the opportunity.

Needless to say, we have left that church, but I do not hold any ill will towards God or His people for it. Those men who attacked me attacked Jesus Himself, yet they believed they were defending the Word of God. They have been blinded by the enemy and they must choose to open their eyes to the truth or pay the consequences of it, much like the Pharisees.

I am so thankful that I now know I can be a member of a church and be an active part of the body and that the occult has no power over me there. That day in the pastor’s office a stronghold was broken over me, all because I was willing to submit to God and go talk to them. He is a chain breaker and He will work all things for our good.

I have been fighting these past 8 years for my freedom and this was a hard-won battle, and I am not going to give up. I will continue to fight the good fight of faith in the presence of my enemies, and I will not see God’s people as an enemy even when they work on his behalf, because I know God’s power is greater than that of Satan.

“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,  bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.  To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either.  Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back.  And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”

Luke 6:27-31


  • Sister

    Hi, Beth. Even though my story is different than yours, hurt tries to hold us captive. I came across this video. It helped me a lot to see where I need to forgive and not be held back by the past or others who hurt me.
    I want to be bold and free, too!
    Best regards

  • Adé-OLÚWA

    The struggle of hell against the church is real.
    Take for instance, the ministry I attend for instance.
    Many years, the general overseer of the ministry said GOD told him, the kingdom of darkness are planning to send their agents into our midst.
    And that when they come, they will aim for the leadership positions.
    Therefore, all leaders must pray fervently against the spirit of error.
    Now, every year for the past 3 years or so, we have been holding vigils and praying individually but at specific times between January to February for our ministry and the church in general.
    It’s called “Quenching the Rage” which stems from Psalm 2.
    It’s a do-it-yourself deliverance ministry where we are taught the about spiritual warfare.
    We have all experienced what GOD said through his prophet.
    I have been in an out of branches and regions, before I decided to go back to the headquarters — that’s where my parents and I started anyway.
    What I will advise you is to ask GOD which ministry He wants you to be a part of, and wait for His clear instructions.
    In the ministry, I am in; it is very common to hear testimonies of former occultists, priests and priestesses, who passed have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour; and who have been through the deliverance programs in the ministry.
    Now, I mostly watch our services on YouTube and use to prayer books vomited by the Holy Ghost through Dr D.K. Olukoya.
    The name of the ministry is, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.
    I have been immensely blessed, schooled, and delivered. Though I still believe GOD for a total deliverance.
    It’s an interdenominational ministry, so you don’t need to be a member to join us online and read the books.
    I wish you power, love and a sound mind.

  • Lillie Jordan

    I’m the daughter of a Freemason/false prophet. I have been gang stalked by the witches in my community, the targeted individual community and the church. They were lead to believe that I was the Jezebel in Revelations 2 and I have had to leave my church because of it. All of these witches have my memory and they use divination to steal my thoughts to gain information, but it is the most severe from my family who physically attack me. I have been lead to Jesus’ teachings about turning family against each other and end times prophecy that is being fulfilled and I now know that I have looked to people instead of God for provision and protection and love which is idolatry. My family left the church when I was young after my preacher passed away and the new preacher had a sermon on Masons being a satanic cult. My dad and the preacher who had passed away (he had been worshipped) both were Masons and the church soon closed its doors when the members left. I think we allowed the first commandment to be broken and I am very grateful that is no longer the case in my life in spite of many people within the new world order/illuminati/family/community attempting to sacrifice me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I also deal with persecution and your blog has been a blessing to me so today I’m grateful for you and pray that God continues to bless you. I can be reached at and am available to talk should you ever need to vent.

  • John

    Pigs In The Parlor Frank and Ida Mae Hammond and Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare John Eckhardt are two books that helped me a lot right close to The Bible. Worth a read if you stumble on this blog it was not an accident the Holy Spirit brought you here.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Beth.

  • Ana

    Have you considered Catholicism? Have you written anything about it or your experience with it yet? Have you explored that branch of faith (which is the root faith of all Christian denominations)? I’m curious to hear about your experience. The Catholic church members are certainly not perfect by any means as we can clearly see that people have fallen to their temptations often and harmed others in the process. The teachings of the Catholic Church are the things that I follow because they are the teachings of Jesus Christ handed down to us by his apostles and through Divine inspiration the Bible is written. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. One thing that is highly recommended for people to learn more in depth about Catholicism properly is attending RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) it does not require that you join the Catholic church right away and you can take the courses several times to better understand it. Would love to know your thoughts.

    • Nikky

      Anna, I respect and celebrate your faith in God but It saddens me to tell you that there is a very dark energy which lurks within the Catholic church. Have you seen ‘the reptile hall’ for example and it is deeply concerning that the Pope wants everyone to get their “jab”, even declaring it is the Christian thing to do! Pure evil, a serpents bite and venom.

      • Ana

        Hi Nikky, Thanks for the reply and the concern. I am confident in my catechesis through my Catholic faith. I personally have not gotten that thing. The Pope is a man and men can make mistakes as humans do. In terms of authority, in respect to this pandemic, the Pope has only shared an opinion while it may be well-meaning is ill-informed on the science of these vaxes and the variants etc. “The reptile hall” referring to the vatican structure looking like a snake head is really a stretch of a conspiracy theory.
        Do you really think that Pier Luigi Nervi decided “I am going to design a building that represents the truth that Catholics actually worship serpents, but do it in such a way that only those who are blessed with insight will be able to decode it and then use it as proof that Catholics worship serpents?”
        I would advise: “Do not bear false witness against another.”
        We both follow Christ. Christians follow Christ. Catholicism (also Christianity) follows Christ. Is every one of us a sinner? Absolutely. Catholicism is not a cult, it’s the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith. ONE. one church in Christ. Everyone who professes Christ as their saviour regardless of the small differences in teachings is following Christ the best they can with the knowledge they have been given. Sometimes Catholicism has more detailed and cohesive answers than other Christian denominations and nondenominations. Why? because it was the first church and Christ gave His authority to His people. I’m not saying this to say my religion is better than yours. I am saying that it was and is the OG church. Is it perfect? No. Does it have sound doctrine that doesn’t contradict itself or change constantly? Yes. Many have converted to Catholicism because they found the answers to questions other churches couldn’t answer adequately. Dr. Scott Hahn. Check him out. Also any lighthouse catholic media cd explains catholicism and what we believe very well. I would suggest searching for answers before believing lies the devil sows to encourage division among us of the same Christian heart.

    • Eric f

      2000 years ago there were no denominations and any of them are sowed by the adversary to lead us astray Catholics didn’t evolve until about 340 ad after the 12 disciples descendants had died. If you want a pure translation REV bible app better than 99 percent accuracy , to give people some insight there is no reference to tithing concerning the church of Jesus anywhere in the New Testament yet they put that money dish in front of you, 5 times in Hebrews it says tithes but it’s talking mosaic law

  • Stephen

    Just an off beat comment, but, it is just apparent to me today literally at 11:20am here in Minneapolis – somehow after ALL these years & years, that I think for myself one of the biggest problems that I have with my own recovery, is that I’m thinking now that I use some kind of twisted worship of my physical pain (and subsequent mental/emotional pain) as a further coping mechanism. Something like one coping mechanism for another, somewhat simple but also very demented. A universal problem no doubt, not just me. Just felt like I all of a sudden needed to voice this.

  • Fiona

    Dear Beth,
    I’m so saddened to hear your new church is another for occult ties. So much w/craft all over the world.
    Happy to hear you choose to submit to your husband and to God’s will. He has led you both through another ugly place to have the victory as you let Him guide you. Well done. You will be stronger as a christian for it. Keep going, stay close to father, as he is always with you. All of your sisters and brothers are here also to pray and to encourage you.

  • Diana

    Oh sister I cry at how we behave as family. I too will be free from Satanism that was imposed on me. I understand. I don’t say anything to anyone at my church but have lost my friend because I say too much. Whether they believe or not we must be careful whom we throw our pearls to. Don’t give up. Try an apostolic Pentecostal church. I prophecy an open door that no man can close. Is 22:22. You have the key in Jesus. Kumbaya days are over. Love your sister Diana

  • Rhonda

    Bless your heart, Sister. Bless your husband for standing by your side during your persecution by the Pharisees.

    The church does not consist of four walls. It is the temple within. It is as little as two believers (or more) gathering together in prayer & worship — whether in the yard, in the house, in a chat, on a phone or conference or FaceTime call…

    The spirit of Pharisee is rampant in the church. The wheat is being separated from the chaff, and the mark🦠💉 of the beast is being used to do it.

    For instance, Psalm 91. Many quote it and preach it, but they do not truly believe it, for if they did, they would live by it and not trust in man to save them and keep them safe.

    Who consistently lies to us? Man, or God?

    When John’s disciples came to Jesus and asked Him, “Are you the one, or should we look for another?” Jesus turned to the people and ministered to them and then He turned back to John’s disciples and said, “Go and tell John what you see; the lame walk, the dead hear, the blind see…”

    Let us apply that to ourselves. What do we see? We see everyone great & small, rich & poor, free & bond being required to take the mark. Soon, no one without it will be able to buy, sell, travel, bank, work, receive any kind of benefits or care, and they will eventually be rounded up and taken to one of the countless internment camps they are feverishly posting jobs for (internment camp specialists) on

    The Pharisees knew the word of god *as taught by man* better than anyone, yet they didn’t even recognize the messiah, the Son of God, standing right in front of them

    The church is at this very place. Now judgment is upon her. Come out from among them and be ye separate.

    Since I left the 4-walled church, I have never worshipped more, prayed more, studied more, shared Him more…. Every morning and every night I am under the stars singing to Him and talking to Him. Then I sit and pray and ask for His Holy Spirit to guide & teach me as I study His word. I also worship on phone, text or chat regularly.

    Sister, I’m not saying don’t go to church. I’m saying don’t compromise & settle. If you are not in perfect peace, then something is off. The kingdom of God is within. It is a joyful, happy place.

    His answer for you will bring you peace, not strife. I love you, Sister.

  • Michelle

    How do we discern if the church we attend is operating with/under witchcraft? What should we be on the lookout for?

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Unfortunately most churches have people doing witchcraft. It’s just the nature of people. The church is under a spell, but we who are free are being sent forth to help set others free. I have some other blog posts where I write on signs of witchcraft, if you type in witchcraft in the search bar on the side bar.

      • Amber Hurd

        it is because Revelations 2 speaks on how they have allowed Jezebel to be the authority.. All churches are not living the true word.. They are the daughters of the Harlot….The holidays are pagan and the sabbath is a desecration… They are all run by Freemasons…. There is no such thing a right church… I feel the Most High is trying to show you something… Sis… It is a blessing to be kicked out.. That means you belong to him.. I pray Yahuah keeps you and shines his face upon you and gives you shalom! and continues to give you wisdom and discernment on the manner.. In Yahushua holy name! thank you for your testimony!

  • starchild

    That’s amazing you had such a victory. I can relate to avoiding church, I don’t feel with my sexual abuse past I can step foot in a church anymore. Recently I walked by a local church doing their service outdoors. I saw three men sitting in a row and knew they were pedophiles or predators. I could not take the step forward to sit there with them. I can recognize things about people due to incest that seem to be hidden to others.

    I have been persecuted my entire life, recently here where I live, and at my last church I dealt with jealous people threatened by me. I stood up for things and was ignored and put in my “place”. I left after a long time , the last minister was rude to me and disliked me and was a narcissist.

    I am feeling sick and ill recently from all the negativity I feel around me and am struggling with endless demonic voices targeting me at night, hissing at me. I fully repented.

    Anyone’s prayers are welcome, I am StarChild. Bless you for your ministry Beth.

    • Adé-OLÚWA

      I attend a deliverance ministry. I will recommend you search “MFM Ministries” on YouTube and watch any of the programs.
      I also recommend you look through the books of Dr. D.K. Olukoya.
      I have was sexually abused too.
      I am also a bit more sensitive and discerning when it comes to males.
      I am not entirely comfortable with them, so I guess I need GOD’s touch more on me.
      I pray:
      Jehovah GOD, arise in Your mercy walk back into every second of StarChild’s life and deliver her where she needs deliverance, heal her where she needs healing, transform her where she needs transformation, in the name of Jesus Christ. To GOD the Father, be the glory, honour, and adoration, in Jesus Christ name I pray, AMEN!