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Satanic Ritual Abuse In The Church

ritual abuse churchWhat is satanic ritual abuse? Satanic ritual abuse is when an innocent victim is forced to take part in a satanic ritual. These victims can be any age, race or gender. Usually during the satanic  rituals the victim goes under some sort of physical, emotional or sexual trauma. There are many in this world who would believe that this sort of thing never happens. Then there are others who would believe this only happens in “satanic churches” or other such evil places. All would most definitely assume that it would never happen right in their own neighborhood, by people they know, who are Christian. That is how the devil deceives the masses daily.

A couple of years ago I would have been with the majority in thinking that satanic rituals were not something that happens, and most certainly doesn’t happen to “normal” people or “good upstanding” people. I was in huge denial. Denial can be a very good thing. When our core beliefs are not aligned with the Truths of God, it is hard to know the reality of the world or our lives. So while I loved God and followed Him, there were still hidden parts of me that believed that taking part in satanic rituals made a person evil and the world evil and unsafe. So denial kept me safe until Jesus was able to bring the Truth into my heart. I am not evil, and the world is not evil. That was really hard for me to hear.

After being abused for so long I really believe that church was evil, the world was unsafe, people are evil, God is evil, and that I was evil and tainted beyond hope. I walked around in my daily life with these as core beliefs. So even though consciously I wasn’t really registering these as my truth, when I dug deep and asked myself hard questions, I came to realize that really was how I saw things. So step by step, I had to start to see that Jesus was here to bring me healing from my past and freedom from the occult, and show me that none of my past made me or the world evil.

and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32

I know that the devil has really worked hard to portray satanism as evil. So evil in fact, that it needs to just be tucked away and out of sight so we do not have to see it or deal with it. Now, I am not saying that satanism is not evil. What I am saying is that there are many, many people out there who are involved in satanism who are absolutely not evil. Yet because of the choices they are making, we will always see them as the thing they do, and not as the people they are. Satan has worked very hard to get us to identify with our actions, so that the work Jesus did on the cross would become null and void.

Evil is evil, and you cannot change that, but God is so much bigger than evil that in His presence, evil becomes as small as a knat. It is ineffectual and powerless in the face of God Almighty. So Satan has to try very hard to make us believe that evil is indeed much more powerful than it appears, and even more powerful than God. This way we will fear evil and turn away from it. The problem with this is, we have turned our faces away from evil to the point where we have absolutely no discernment for it whatsoever. The Bible tells us to turn away from evil and do good, but it never once says to pretend it doesn’t exist. It says to have discernment for the work of the devil in our lives so we can protect ourselves instead.

Yet we have come to this point in our world where we have such little discernment for the spiritual nature of every single thing, that we are completely blind to the very evil in our own homes, let alone our churches. That is how satanic ritual abuse continues to exist to this very day, and will not stop. Innocent victims are being tortured daily in our world due to the fact that we refuse to believe it can be real. It is generational. One person comes into this abuse, and it spreads into every generation after them. It is like a curse and a disease. Yet there is a cure. There is always a cure.

But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.

Hebrews 5:14

The fact of the matter is, satanism happens wherever it is allowed. That means, it can happen in church, just like it did to me. Now I know some will say Mormonism is a cult (I agree) and that it’s not Christian, therefore it’s not a real church. According to, the definition of church is:

1. a building for public Christian worship.

2. public worship of God or a religious service in such a building

 the whole body of Christian believers;Christendom.

4.  any division of this body professing the same creed and acknowledging the same ecclesiastical authority; Christian denomination:

Therefore, any building where a group of people who come to worship their god and all have same beliefs, are a church. Which means Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist and many other religions that people look at as a cult, are meeting in a church. And to the people that attend, it is a church.  A sacred place where they worship. That is all that it takes to make a church. And if it can happen in a Mormon church, it can happen in a Christian church, a Catholic church, or any other place where Satan has been given entrance and power through human rights.

How in the world can a Christian have anything to do with Satan? Isn’t that impossible? If you have followed any of my other blog posts or Youtube videos, then you know that it is very possible for even Christians to have a connection with darkness and the occult. Being a Christian does not mean you have broken evil out of your life, it means you accepted God’s free gift of salvation for eternity. Everything else is a work in progress for everyone.

Let’s use me as an example. So I was initiated into the occult basically at birth. I was taught how to do witchcraft, astral travel, worship false gods and accepted demons into my being. Yet because of the intense trauma I sustained I was unable to remember any of the actual events. Yet I still was in the occult, whether I knew it or not. My soul had taken part and accepted these things, and they were still a part of me. Years later I come to understand that Jesus loves me and wants to help me, so I accept Him as my Savior. That does not change or take away my past.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39

Which leads me back to the world view I had: everything is evil. With that so deeply rooted within me, I took a lot of time and work to even come to a place where I was able to hear that I even believed these things. These beliefs kept me impotent to finding out the truth about my past. So although I was living a Christian life, I was still connected to darkness and unable to come to terms with that as a fact. It is only through submitting every part of you to God, even the dark parts we want to belief don’t exist, that we can get freedom from the darkness.

If I were to never have started inner healing and the truth, I could easily have found a way to have power in a church and brought satanism into that church. Satanism was still inside of me, and all I would have needed was 2 or 3 more who had the same type of agreements with the devil to work with me to start this at a church. Satan would have loved that! This is just an example, as it would take time and establishment and power within a church to actually start satanism within it, and I didn’t really have that on my side.

Most churches that are a party to satanism are already well established and have leaders who have great power and influence within them. These church leaders most likely have themselves been raised in satanic ritual abuse, and like me have no recollection of it whatsoever. They can do satanic rituals in church and not even realize they have done it. They gather together others within the church who have also been also raised with satanic ritual abuse and together they basically have a church within a church. Outsiders never even know it exists.

To understand this, you need to understand more about what happens to a person when they are traumatized to this severity. Extreme trauma causes dissociation. Dissociation basically means disconnecting from yourself, which is what a human has to do in traumatic circumstances to survive and not lose their mind. It is a coping mechanism that God has gifted us with so that we can continue to function and live through things that the devil has created to steal, kill, and destroy us. Here is a good article with more information on dissociation, but as it does not come from a perspective of God and how He views us and the world, please be advised to take any questions or thoughts on it directly to the Father. It is very important you do so.

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

1 Corinthians 10:13

The object of much of the trauma is to create this dissociation within a person so that they have what are called alters. Basically what that means is that the brain splits to create different parts within the same person to create ways to handle the trauma. These alters or parts carry the memories and pain of the trauma, so that the conscious self does not have to. Again, this is a gift from God and has saved many people from death or insanity. Having these alters is actually quite common, as many people have experienced great trauma in their lives. Many would think a person like this would like like someone with split personalities, but they often do not. They usually look completely normal, and you would never have any idea.

That is how a Christian can also be a satanist. They have already been inducted into the occult through satanic ritual abuse as a child, and they have alters who carry the knowledge of the rituals. The alter comes forward and takes over to do rituals, and then goes dormant again while your conscious self takes over. The dissociation keeps you from consciously remembering that you just did a satanic ritual, just like it did to me as a child. People have to dissociate during these rituals, because no person will ever willing decide to partake in evil like that. Not unless it was already done to them for so long it forces them to become evil themselves.

I know that this may sound very scary for some people. It may sound like something that is too terrible to deal with. I completely understand that. The point I want to bring, is that God is so much bigger than whatever Satan has done. The power of God is so much stronger than whatever schemes the devil has put in place. God is the Redeemer and Healer. He has been healing my life, so I can start to speak the truth into this world so that others like me can find freedom too.

grFear is our enemy. We were not made with a spirit of fear, but with power, love and a sound mind. The devil wants to destroy that within each one of us by holding us captive to fear. If we keep living in fear of the devil or the unknown, we will never be able to move forward into healing and freedom. We cannot keep walking in this world and take everything at face value. We are spirits and everything in this world is based in the spiritual first, because God is spirit. It is because God is spirit that He is able to be everywhere all the time. That means that no matter what you have done or where you have been in life, God has always been there. Just like He was there for me during my ritual abuse.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

1 John 4:18

There were many times when I was so angry at God for allowing these things to happen. Yet He was there with me, protecting my spirit from harm during these events. If He had not protected my spirit, I would have been corrupted and be going to hell instead of heaven. That is what the devil intended for me. But God did not allow that to happen. And in the big scope of this life, my days on this earth are only a blip on the radar. I will spend the rest of eternity rejoicing with Jesus!! I will never remember any of this pain or anguish here.

It is only because I have been willing to see my past and how it connected me with darkness that I am able to sit here and write this. And because I write this, God is going to move and bring healing and freedom into the lives of others who were caught in a life of misery and suffering just as I was, but had no idea why. There is always hope, there is always a cure. That cure is Jesus Christ. He loves us so much that He will never look down on us for anything we have ever done. No matter how bad. If He did, Saul would have never become the Apostle Paul, but would have stayed just a murderer.

If God can bring hope and healing into my life, He can do it for anyone and everyone. All it takes is a step of faith and trust. Those are some of the cornerstones of Christianity. We cannot always see things clearly, but if we trust that in giving all of ourselves to God He can help us, then we can take the journey that He created us for. A journey into finding out who we are in Christ, and who He made us to be.

Dearly beloveds, I know that you are struggling and feel hopeless and afraid. Take the hand of the Father and let Him love you. Let Him show you how He sees you. You are not evil, you are not alone, you are not lost. God has got you! He has never let you go, not for one minute. Stop letting the devil deceive you into believing his lies and let God bring healing and hope into your heart, right now. Believe in Him. He is good.

Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you and worked for those who take refuge in you, in the sight of the children of mankind!

Psalm 31:9


  • Lara

    For those wondering how satanic ritual abuse would happen in the church by “professing Christians”, one key to this is freemasonry. Especially in the leadership. Not much is taught about the dangers of freemasonry but it is really pagan Baal worship in modern form. It is the 32 and 33 degree masons who acknowledge freemasonry as worship of lucifer. Jesus said that the enemy would plant Tares with the wheat..and high ranking freemasons behind pulpits is a big example of this. I know someone who’s grandfather is both a 32 degree mason and a Methodist minister. That side of her family won’t have anything to do with her. She also has memories of being in satanic rituals as a child. There are certain prominent people she recognized at the rituals..politicians..even one that claims to be an evangelical Christian! And a minister! Another friend of mine experienced being ritually abused by Oral Roberts! Oral Roberts was a 33 degree mason.

  • Esther

    I have to agree with Jessica, the first comment. I believe you need to give in depth examples of normal Christians participating in ritual abuse in order for anyone reading this to believe it or accept what you are saying. How can a Chriatian believe that they are dissociating and abusing others? That would make everyone insane. Please give many, many practical examples for people to relate to in order to truly have understanding of what you are preaching here.

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Hi Esther
      Well I know for one thing I’m not insane. Disacociation has nothing to do with insanity. It is something most people do. For instance, often times people will be driving and then get lost in thought. Next thing they know they realize they are almost to their destination, yet they dont remember driving for that period of time. Yet they were driving safely and went exactly the right way. That is a classic example of disasociation. I suggest you do more research into it if you want a better understanding of how it works. As far as examples, I don’t really understand your question. Could you please clarify what you are asking? I am not here to prove anything, only to share my story in hopes to help others. I think the question is not, “is this real?”, by “why I am so upset that it could be real?” Denial is a huge factor when we start bumping up against hard truths. A truth like this sounds scary if you have deep set beliefs about God that make us think things like this happening mean “the world is evil, God is evil, nothing is safe.” That is exactly what the devil wants us to believe, so we won’t see truth. Gods truth is He is in the midst of all of it. He is protecting people through it. He is healing people and raising warriors. We are here to fight this battle, not to hide in fear. But we have been trained to keep our heads down for fear of what could be. God is saying “take my yome and follow me”. I personally no longer want to carry this time that was handed to me. I want to help others find freedom as well. So I will keep trying my story. Believe me, I have gained nothing by sharing, except attack.

  • Jessica

    I don’t understand how you believe people can participate in these secret satanic rituals as the perpertrators of abuse and not be aware, especially if they are spirit filled Christians. I can see the victims having a defense mechanism to protect their minds and cause them to forget but if what you are saying is true, the abusers would not be liable for their abuse. Do you have a biblical example of this? Do you have a real life example of this? I am wondering because I think you have a good message to seek total spiritual healing and to put away darkness completely, but I think it could cause unnessary fear and confusion in some believers.

    • The Other Side of Darkness

      Yes it is going to cause fear, which is exactly the point. People are to afraid to believe this type of thing is real, therefore they will never get healed from it, now will people rise up to stop this abuse in our own churches. The reason people can do things and not remember is called disassociation. Dissociation is a very real condition and I have linked to an article about it in one of my posts.

    • Jimmy

      Hi, i can give you the example. My wife has been ritually abused from a very young age. I can say that it is very real. I have seen satanists trying to pick her up for rituals, i speak to het alters on a daily basis now as they persue freedom and healing. We have been under bizar demonic attacks in the beginning. Like in a way i didnt thought was possible. But i can also say that God has saved her. Dont be fooled becouse something makes you afraid. Satanism rn ritual abuse is very real!

  • Crystal

    I appreciate the awareness of the occult one may not recognize in their daily lives. This article made me start to think about where Satan may be sneaking his way into the church. Would you please send me examples of when the occult rituals are used in church. I’m very concerned about the state the church is in today.

  • isabelle

    Jesus gave us a very good key for healing, it is forgiveness. I was abused for years when I was a child and teenage, and I suffered a lot . Believing that God was there was not enought for me to get better . and one day, I understood why Jesus commanded us to forgive , to get out from struggling , and prevent the past to reactive pain all the time. As I was able, after fighting in misery for years , to say ” the abuser hurted me so much,he damaged so much my life,caused me years of tears, but on your command, Lord, I forgive him and all people around who didn’t help me , as Jesus forgave me, asking the Father to forgive humans when He was on the cross “. my feeling of release was amazing after I prayed !!! I feel so good and clean since ! Jesus gave us the tools to be free, by repentence and forgiving